DHTP (DOOM high resolution texture project)



  • Hallo. I play Doom on the Engine ver 1.8.6. аnd i use high resolution texture. Freezes appeared in the game in certain places of the game maps. Please help. Please make a patch....
  • Hi. You're unlikely to get a patch for a version that's so old. Try one of the later builds.

  • I do think the DHTP project need to to have standards.
    Personally I've been working with these:

    x4 resolution (nice compromise between speed and fidelity, blends nice with the x4 upscaled enemy sprites).
    same brightness range,
    same colours,
    same saturation,
    same contrast,
    aim to stay close to the original intent and art style.
  • DHTP was born out of a mess of a hires pack and has come far for consistency. DHTP already has most of those aims except constant resolution. I'm waiting for doomsday to support bump maps and such before continuing on with the DHTP(most likely would start afresh with a DHTP2)
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