DHTP (DOOM high resolution texture project)

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What is the DHTP?
The DHTP is a DOOM community effort to recreate the original DOOM,DOOM2, and Final DOOM textures in high resolution, while keeping the same style and feeling of the originals and be to be used by DOOM engines that support it. There are no upscaled original in this pack. If it does not fit the style then it can't go in.

How to help
You can help the pack by reporting bugs in the pack, report bugs here https://github.com/KuriKai/DHTP/issues
You can also by submitting new textures. To see what needs to be done, browse to the github page and look for ###.placeholder files. these are the ones that have not been done yet.
Please be aware, when you post your textures, people(myself included) will offer suggestions on how to improve it. It is also ultimately up to me whether to accept the textures into the released pack; this is to try and have consistency in the project.
I also urge you to release your textures under a free to use and edit as anyone else sees fit; this will allow others to tweak and improve your textures to give greater consistency, and also help out the community

The DHTP is now hosted on github.
Where you can see the latest versions of the files that will be in the next pack and what textures still need to be made(look for ###.placeholder). You can download each image separately, as a zip or by cloning it to your computer.

Linux scripts are also included for people to compile the pack automatically (I'm not responsible if anything happens to your computer)

This will also allow for revisions of textures to be kept.
website http://dhtp.hiriwa.com
Github page https://github.com/KuriKai/DHTP


  • To see what needs to be done, browse to the github page and look for ###.placeholder files. these are the ones that have not been done yet.
  • During the last couple of days, I have been going over textures that are currently in the pack giving them touchups. things like adding shaddows to the vinewalls and tekwall so they don't look so bad, I also gave pipewall the correct background. In the coming days I plan to work on the gst*(marble) textures making thier colour more match doom's versions. Expect a new release this month people, including some textures that have been made during the past year.
  • Nice. Are these the same DOOM textures from several years ago? I used something in v1.8.6.
  • Yes they are the same texutres, Bad ones have been removed or improoved and better ones have been added.
  • KuriKai wrote:
    Yes they are the same texutres, Bad ones have been removed or improoved and better ones have been added.
    Ah cool and thanks. I assume they work in v1.8.6. :)

    Dang, mine are SO old and it doesn't look like I have yours:
    Directory of I:\winstuff\Doomsday\Data\jDoom\Auto

    12/27/2008 10:44 PM <DIR> .
    12/27/2008 10:44 PM <DIR> ..
    02/09/2007 11:25 PM 10,125,812 jdep-20060601-1.pk3
    11/30/2003 01:45 AM 9,214,272 jDEP-Ext.pk3.zip
    11/30/2003 01:39 AM 10,306,346 jDEP.pk3.zip
    02/09/2007 11:27 PM 52,880,776 jdtp-walls-base-20060809-2.pk3
    02/09/2007 11:26 PM 7,572,741 jdtp-walls-doom1-20060731-2.pk3
    02/09/2007 11:32 PM 23,315,587 jdui-20060825-1.pk3
    6 File(s) 113,415,534 bytes
  • I accidentally deleted all my home drive, and this resulted in me loosing almost all the recent changes I had made, luckly I have a backup from 3 months ago and also managed to recover 3 source files from what I have done since three months ago. the rest is lost. so I have to redo it
  • Wow, that sucks... Well, don't give up. Usually things go much faster the second time around when you already have an idea of what you did before. In fact, usually when this kind of stuff happens to me, it looks way better the second time around.
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    Ah swell, here you have a FLAT1_1


    Happy new year! <:-P

    Nothing spectacular though, just a blurred original with lots of various (and often separate) tweaks applied.
  • Still a little better than the grainy low res original.
  • New Dhtp has been released: get it from the downloads page at http://dhtp.freelanzer.com

    Sorry Bloax, we can not use the original textures rescaled and blurred or with filters applied, everything has to be done from scratch
  • What? A new release? That is great! Totally unexpected; especially after you said you lost updates to so many textures.
  • Any reason for that rule?
    Because honestly, that low contrast brick structure is just hell to recreate.

    Not to mention that the current placeholder is a 2x sized PNG converted JPEG.
  • I just compared the number of texture files in this release with the previous realease pack side by side and it looks like this one has 438 textures while the older one has 439, and the number of texture files in all other folders is the same. Why is that? I thought there would be more files, not one less. I thought there were some new textures to replace some of the ones that haven't been ever been done before.

    I just looked again and seen in the new pack the skintek2 texture while the old one doesn't have that one, but for some reason, the new pack has one file less than the old one. What textures have been removed from the pack and why?

  • Ah, I'll just post it anyway.
    Here's a quickie FLAT1_3


    Oh snap, looks like I missed something. Ought to look alright tiled though.

    Edit: Also, let me see if the duplicate GRASS textures were removed.
    --> Yeah, they were. So there's 'logically' one new texture.
  • The new Gate textures are very detailed, but are too pink in my opinion. If the color is made to match the original more closely (more red), then they would look great.
  • And now I'm making FLAT1_2, however - I'm so lucky to improve way too fast.
    It's too good, the previous texture looks like butts. (And also doesn't tile with this) ;(

  • flat11s.pngflat11orig.pngflat11.png
    Oh but would you look at that, I sure take up a lot of space here! =))
    Anyways, as you may have noticed they've been tweaked quite a bit.

    I know that they're based on scaled up originals, but honestly - they're far from that now.
    IMHO, I see no real reason not to include them, even just to get rid of the horrible placeholders that are in now.
    Which, by the way - as you can see, I added in the top line. >:)
  • They can not be accepted, because they are scaled up originals. And can never look as good as ones done from scratch.
  • they may look like scaled up originals but they do look awesome and i think they should be included but i do not maintain the pack so i really have no say.
  • Only included if there is nothing better...ONLY. But I bet the hi-res ones being made are much better and more modern.
  • Perhaps I should just give up, all the textures I've submitted (that were actually worked on) were refused.
    And that's really a silly rule, are we supposed to know how to draw everything? (And the contrast/coloring too)
    Do not upscale and filter the originals
    This I can understand, because those usually look like plain filter butchered upsizes.
    But "this" isn't filtering, this is work. Work and techniques-found-on-the-spot wasted, because of a line here:
    About wrote:
    Every texture in this pack is recreated by hand in high resolution to match the original low resolution textures of Doom.
    There's also the line about "No upscaled originals", but that would fall into the "Upscaled and done" category.
    But yeah, I should just give up. Nobody publishes material on how to make stuff like BRICK10/11 in the pack.

    I think there's a certain reason this project is prone to dying hard for really long periods.
    And that reason, is that the requirements are really high.
    Too high for the dire lack of artists in the community, and certainly too high for me.

    Because honestly, I've been improving over the years, and these are the nicest textures I've done.
    If the fact that I use the originals for the colors/overall shading reference is too much, at least remove the ones currently in the pack.
    They're really an eyesore in MAP01, where they're the big step in the secret shotgun room.
    Not to mention that Mr. Originality forgot that they're supposed to be able to tile with eachother.
  • When I first started doing textures for this pack, I was bad. I used this pack as a way to learn, and yes there are many tutorials out there on how to make textures, the old dhtp forums had links to some as well.

    why are you complaining that the upscales are being rejected when you already read that upscaled originals will not be accepted?

    I bet you would be able to make good textures from scratch without using the originals. if you do try, post your progress and people can give you hints and tips on how to make them better

    This below is one reason why upscaled are not allowed. notice the quality is just not as good

    second is that "id" owns the copyright to the original textures.
  • I'm complaining because these aren't outright filtered upscales, I actually worked on these.
    As for the copyright, your way of handling the textures ought to cover that up already.

    "You may NOT use these textures outside the DHTP."

    And no, I can't make good textures from scratch, because anything I do becomes a smooth mess.
    But I wouldn't complain near this much, if it wasn't for this:

    Being above my best textures yet. HORRENDOUS+Totally unlike the original > My best

    I even made them tile properly together (unlike shown textures), which is a big disappointment now. :(
    Edit: Actually, let me clarify them. :o


    Don-e, oughta be a bit more likable now. Also - this forum really needs
  • Well, these new textures look much better than those older ones.

    If you want the textures to have the same shapes as the original low res textures, but not base the high res textures on upscaled/filtered low res textures, you could make new layers over the upscaled low res and then paint new textures on those layers and make them follow the shapes of the low res textures.
  • That way you still have to deal with somehow copying the overall color/contrast styles.
    And as I said, there's just no material to be found on how to draw sharply.

    Not to mention that as you may have noticed, sharpness is extremely important in textures.
  • That last set definitely looks much better than the current textures. I've seen a lot of upscaled and filtered textures, and those definitely don't come across as such. They look pretty good.

    Bloax, I say keep the textures coming. If they aren't accepted into the DHTP, then perhaps you can make your own alternative texture pack with your own thread?
  • You talk about how "sharpness is extremely important in textures", but your upscaled and edited textures are not sharp. Compare the grill of the current one in the pack to the one in your upscaled version.

    This teaches you how to make brick textures.

    If you try and create textures from scratch, then I will gladly help you. I will even post some of my source files for a texture that can help you get an idea of how I make textures.
  • KuriKai wrote:
    Compare the grill of the current one in the pack to the one in your upscaled version..
    That's just me being lazy. And I already said that I have trouble making things sharp, which is why I used the original as a tool for shaping.

    Edit: Here you go, some rusty steel grating instead of what seems like bronze.

    Edit2: Added a background to the grating, for those who look at textures way too close. ;)
  • looking good.
  • flat13.png
    Now this is getting better. good job on trying to create from scratch :) I really like your idea of adding a background to the drain.

    I have two suggestions to make the drain look even better:
    1) I suggest toning down or even removing the white gradient from the drain grate.
    2) think about if the drain is higher than the bricks. e.g. is the drain grate higher than the bricks or lower? if the drain grate is lower, than the bricks will cast a shadow onto the top of the drain grate.

    Also, as side note, the original texture is so low on detail you can't tell what it's made of, like in the real world the drain grate would be welded together, so you can try adding some welding marks; if you so please.

    I do have to say again good job for trying to create from scratch, the drain is already looking so much better than the upscaled version.
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