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  • Thanks for opinion. You can use current version of switches from DHTP:) All my textures are just alternative and from some time I completing it for my alternative texture pack. I just don't like cartoonish flat looking textures, so I decide to make my custom pack where every texture is properly modeled and illuminated. Expect separate thread for my pack soon.
  • Sorry for double post. Here's new switches, but final version will be in my separate pack:
  • Shouldn't the lever be in a different position in the "switched" version than in the "unswitched" version?
  • As I say - this isn't final version :)
  • new lights look much better like this then the weird triangle from before
  • Reinchard: I would like to say that here is this texture made thee first more like the original than the following. Skull on the first texture is more like the original.

    1.93f3623fc7484bca09b26d9c8f8e19c7.jpeg 2.5332093cf910f9d68f30c3a2d49f561e.jpeg
  • wile good not true to doom and not true to the original textures in terms of color and look but thanks for sharing Romankusant. also use the uac logo that the original games had as it fits better with doom.
  • Currently, my effort has been going into the dmp2/dhmp.
    I am also expecting in the future for doomsday to be able to use shaders with wall textures, this is a reason for not spending time on it at the moment.
  • ocr2uec9x94h.png
    Greetings DHTP development team.
    I'm the one who is responsible for these assets. I cannot believe it's been more than a decade. I just would like to say thank you for all people who have been keeping the project arrive.

    Please feel free to use or modify these assets for any Doom related projects. You can download the original PSD files from the link below. If I find time in the future, I would like to make new assets as well.

  • cool, thanks, I'll double check if you are credited correctly also
  • New Version released version 20171001

    What's new?
    Rock4, Rock5

    Get it from here
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    These are what is left to be done for the "DOOM/DOOM2" wall texture pack to be complete

  • Wow, very few missing items are left. Thanks a lot for this project KuriKai. You guys are doing an amazing restoration job on this game. Very true to the original.

    I use these textures along with your 3d models pack. I hope one day, the engine allows everything to be replaced with real 3d models with shaders.
  • Hi DHTP,
    I'm a happy user of your collection of high resolution textures, and I though I help you out with the last ones. For some I used already made textures, for the others I actually dressed up and did a photoshoot :) Also I noticed inconsistencies with the original Doom textures and took it upon me to polish them. I would like to help out to harmonise the textures already in the pack considering: quality, colour, lightlevels and style. My goal being that a downsized HR texture should blend and fit very well with the originals.

    I'm also working on my own 13 level wad, and I usually take on improving an existing DHTP texture when I run into them and notice how much it differs from original textures. Maybe someone wants to get on Skype with me and team up to make this texture pack complete, more consistent, and even closer to the originals?


    Thank to all of you for your inspiring contributions!


    ps. Yes the guys on the walls are photos of me actually doing those acrobatics.

  • I noticed some textures did not post,


    This is what I've done so far, love to hear your feedback, love to talk and work together on the remaining textures.

  • @kars

    Hey, very cool textures. Do you have them in a zip file you could send me?

    The hanging bodies are very cool.
    Also do you have the colour corrected gstone1 that you used for the hanging bodies?
  • Thank you for the fast response!
    At the moment I don't have a server to upload the zip to, have you got a place upload it too?

    Yes I've colour corrected Gstone1, and the corrected gstone1 is the basis for the hanging bodies. All is saved in 256 colour png (originals in 16 bit .pspimage) at 4x base resolution; which I think is a nice level of detail in relation to the 4x HQ upscaled default sprites.
  • @kars

    You can use mega.nz to upload the file if you want.

    Have you seen the Switches resource on github? https://github.com/KuriKai/DHTP/tree/master/switches

    You can use them in the textures also.

  • Thank you for the link to the naked switches.
    Here is a link to the DHTP.pk3 containing the above textures:
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    Any reason you made the marble look more liquidy?

    You could probably colour correct the current gstone1 to more match the original

    Also are you able to add fire into the sky2 picture? it's looking really good, jsut needs some fire
  • That's looking good
  • Ok, I'll correct current Gstone1, change the colours, and add some dried blood (the brown spots). The 'liquidification' was not meant as such, it was my poor atempt making the stones appear more smooth after adding some more rough detail for the dark fungus spots. I also added some general light and dark spots to add some dimensionality. I'll redo Gstone1, I'm on it.

    I did not know there where fires, I though it was just some low levels mist lit by street lights. But I can add some fires.

    Is there anyone who likes to go through the existing textures and brush them up?
    And or work on the few remaining ones? I already enjoy your feedback very much, but love to have a skype chat with a fellow doomer from time to time to keep the juices flowing :)

    my skype: Winston.Smith2
  • @kars

    Do you have hangouts?

    Only you are currently helping with the texture pack.
    Tea Monster and I created some new rock texture a few months ago though

    Hopefully in the future we will be able to use normal maps, spec maps and emissive maps for wall textures.
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    Ok, here is the new gstone1, hope you like it.

    The original:

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    looks good, i'll test it out ingame and let you know

    edit: looks good, can you stick the hanging bodies on it for those textures now?
    and send in a zip?
  • I've been working on the gstone textures, the zip will wait for the sky I'm still working on. Here are the new ones, the wall looks more photo like and this combines well with the marines. To bad I cannot include the same file-names.
  • did you need any fire textures for it? I can give you some if you need
  • Thanks, atm I think I have sufficient fire. Not so much sleep, I'm going to turn in.
  • @kars

    How's it going with the textures?
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