DHTP (DOOM high resolution texture project)



  • It would be neat if some mods would also be upgraded and modified so you get high res backgrounds or animated ones with flames, like the PSX and 64 version, except much better detailed. Maybe after the code is upgraded enough and also the assets of the canon game are upgraded, you will also have people modifying mods like Eternal to have high res textures and backgrounds along with remixed music and a replacement to the overused demon spitter final boss.
  • Hey Flynn95

    The Sky4 you've retouched it's originally suposed to be this one, right?

    I didn't like the Sky4 in DHTP at all, I was about to retouch it myself.
    But the Sky4 on this website (bottom) looks extremely well and matches the style of Doom.
    a little less yellow and more brown and it would look perfect.


    A question to the masters: Could I have all the source materials from all textures with the 'switch' style skull (red eyes on/off) and every other texture with skulls? Maybe a PSD or initial higher res version?
    I like to replace all skulls with a new one, though it looks cool, nothing like the original graphic.
  • The original SKY4 is this one.
    The one you posted is the original Doom II's SKY1. I tried to match the colors of the original SKY4 as closely as possible. Also It would've been interesting to see your take on it.

    Also on a side note, The Risen 3D Hi-Res Texture Pack has a Brown version of the Hi-Res SKY4 texture.
  • brown version?

    Hm, my external hard disk is currently not useable (broken power adaptor)
    Whatever sky texture the one was I posted, you probably right it's Sky1 from Doom 2 and the hi res version called Sky4 looked so similar I thought it was supposed to be the same sky.
    I've now touched it up to resemble the Doom 2 Sky1 as close as possible.
    I like to take a shot at the Sky4 you did. I barely remember that one but it looks very hellish, reminds me a bit of Jupiter's surface (see here http://wallpoper.com/images/00/29/88/20/jupiter-surface_00298820.jpg).
    I only remember the episode 4 being rather wooden/stone themed rather than totally hell themed.
    But I guess nobody knows where it actually takes place, some say it's somewhere between hell and another dimension

    So here it is Sky4 a.k.a Sky1 Doom 2

  • I think Imgur compressed your image into a JPEG because the image looks a little grainy. But it looks great aside from that.

    Also, to answer your statement, Episode 4 is supposed to take place after you've defeated the first Spider Mastermind in Hell and returned home back to Earth only to find that it's been invaded by the Demons. In short, Episode 4 takes place on a demon corrupted part of Earth (also the orange sky is presumably a sunset).
  • Actually a bit of grain is on purpose, thats how close I like it to the original.

    You're right the image downloaded is a .jpg.
    Thats strange imgur didn't compress my .png's before. It's quiet large some 780'Kb
  • I like your doom2 sky1 can i put it in the next pack?
    What will your licence be fore it? I suggest to let anyone use/edit and improve it (with or without credit to you)
  • That's a lovely SKY1.

    Oh, and just a little hint here.
    Lovely collection of stuff here.
  • @ KuriKai

    Just a note. The Sky1 is a edit from the Risen3D Sky4 Texture that was not initially made by me. But I think it was already partially used in Doom.
    Beside that I would say it belongs to Doom and anyone can edit any texture made by me as he likes.
    I hope you saw my other Sky textures as well. I will re-upload any texture to a host (is Gamefront ok?) on request.
  • ok, that will make it harder for me to include it. Will have to see what i can do
  • hi guys, sorry if my fail, but download link broken http://dhtp.freelanzer.com/?page_id=17 any mirror and/or info?
  • Try a different/current web browser, don't use a download manager
  • thank you, but why so strange?
  • Back with a recreation of Sky4
    This time simply Sky4 from (Ultimate) Doom 1 and nothing more.

    any suggestions rather welcome

    I realized that previously I've mixed up Sky2 from Doom 1 with Sky3 from Doom 2, thats because I had not the original textures at hand. The mountains look quiet different. The sky with the snowy mountain-tops I did should actually resemble Sky3 from Doom 2 without the skeleton shaped clouds.
    Maybe I will have another shot at Sky2 that actually resemble those mountains and not those from Doom 2 Sky3.
  • Damn, that looks great. Almost identical. Although the clouds have a bit too much contrast on them and the texture has a big issue with tileability.
  • I've just realized the tiling problem.
    I used the Photoshop Redfield Seamless Texture Workshop plugin to make the texture seamless and was under the impression it worked.
    The problem is the plugin stretches opposite borders of the image inward to create the seam, this also moves the actual border inwards so the resulting image would be smaller.
    After loading up Doom the problem was clear. Thats pretty disappointing because my higher resolution work file now is now badly tiled and it takes some time to repeat those last steps.

    I've now taken the smaller, tileable portion of the image and stretched it to the original proportions. This might result in some loss of detail.

    Here is the fixed Sky4 texture made tileable
  • Reinchard wrote:
    Here is another but not final version. I just want to know if it is going in the right direction.


    Few things like metal border and circle is still not finished.

    Those looks great!

    Only the shadow border between red color and brown color are too big. The original texture are more flat on these way.

    All others things looks GREAAATT!

    I thing the pentagram, red tones, all are perfect for me. Seriously.

    Really duude, you are doing a impresive work.
  • I started to build e1m1 Hangar on CryEngine2. This is very rough version, but I use it to show you guys how this textures will look with specular, normal and environment maps.





    And here's link to larger formats: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread. ... ost1189598
  • I have been trying to imagine what a new world renderer would look like for Doom, but it was hard to imagine existing maps in that way, but I figured better lighting would be one big step. Cool, this is an example of the early stages of what it could look like.

    Oh, and I do notice the background sky tiled like this (I used noclip to be able to see it at will):

  • @Reinchard

    That does look pretty cool.
    I'm waiting for the next renderer before i continue wuth the textures
    Do you have any tutorials on how you do it?
  • Unfortunately, there is no single tutorial. This is mix of modeling and artistic job with converting models to Cry Engine.

    Hangar by night :P

  • No offence to the devs, but that probably isn't going to be what it looks like initially. Cry Engine has a VERY advanced real-time renderer. If we get close to that on the first try, then that would be just amazing.

    Nice job on the Doom levels there Reinchard!!
  • Not to mention a difference of an order of magnitude in the number of developers working on said project. There is also the fact that we aren't building a game to suit a modern engine with a clean slate to work from. What we're doing is in some respects harder -- forcing a technologically ancient game to look good when dragged kicking and screaming into a more modern 3D renderer.

    Certainly I think there is a lot we can do to improve things but lets try not to get carried away :)
  • well one day hopefully, the plan is to surpass the detail of the screens above.

    Also, maybe you can elect Vermil or some other person to be a 3rd Deng team member. Maybe Tea Monster and Kurikai, etc, could join too. I don't know if they can program or do what is required to do, but having more than 2 people sounds good. I remember bringing up additional team members before, but there was talk of trust and other issues or something, but if they are knowledgeable and well-known people, like certain others on the forum, then there may be no problem doing this.
  • The dhtp has been updated to fix the pwad custom texture replacement bug
  • I don't see myself being 'hired' by the deng team as I know SFA about programming. I have offered Dani and the team the use of several models I've made for testing purposes.

    On that note, Reinchard, did you want to test out a next-gen pinky demon on your map?
  • Sounds nice, but there is one problem - I don't have skills to implement new enemies to Crysis.
  • This release fixed one of the two problems I mentioned here.

    These two textures now look great together:
    1mc0_561_ucap1.pngUploaded at Picoodle.com

    but these two still don't:
    1kq9_5ce_ucap1.pngUploaded at Picoodle.com
    They were obviously made by two different people, each of which did a great job, but with different styles.
  • Little update with static model of Pinky by Tea Monster.




    And link to bigger shots:
    http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread. ... ost1193412

    This model is just amazing. Material is only a quick test.
  • Looking pretty cool. I love what you are doing here.
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