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  • looks to me like the sprite doesn't spin at all, it looks like it just goes back and forth like it only has two frames. I think that probably the brain makes up it's own action and direction like a video I saw with a train and a tunnel, you could make it coming out of the tunnel or going into the tunnel just by thinking about it.
  • skyjake wrote: »
    If a pack defines the "recommends"/"extras" dependencies, the Options popup will be available for the package and you'll have individual toggles for each of the optional packages.
    For testing I tried to do this by adding the reflections.pack to the hud.chaingun.pack as a recommendation. Adding "recommends <reflections.pack>" to info.dei of the hud.chaingun.pack does nothing.

    Adding "requires <reflections.pack>" to info.dei of the hud.chaingun.pack results in additional entries of the detail view of the hud.chaingun.pack:


    But upon loading a game Doomsday complains that it cannot find reflections.pack, which resides in the same folder as the hud.chaingun.pack.
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    PostFatal wrote: »
    looks to me like the sprite doesn't spin at all, it looks like it just goes back and forth like it only has two frames.
    PostFatal, thanks for your interesting post. You are correct indeed, the brain can be fooled to actually see the Chaingun sprites spinning either left or right. Probably due to the model spinning counter-clockwise I was tempted to see the sprites spinning in that direction, too.

    Obviously, the Chaingun spinning clockwise appears to be logically correct, as KuriKai just explained in his post above.
  • deus-ex wrote: »
    But upon loading a game Doomsday complains that it cannot find reflections.pack, which resides in the same folder as the hud.chaingun.pack.
    Package dependencies are specified using package IDs, not file names.

    Here is a working example of dependencies: https://manual.dengine.net/_media/file/dependency_example.zip

    In Doomsday, check out the package titled "Dependency Example". It has an ⚙️ Options button that shows the optional content toggles.

    (This toggle UI is quite rudimentary at the moment, and the popup layout is a little off, too. It could use package icons and a bit more info about each package...)
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    Good news!
    I have now created a DHMP info.dei
    This will allow you to just select that pack and it will load all the models.

    @skyjake Thanks for that example pack
    Also is there a way to hide the individual packs from the main addons view now?

    I updated the build script to automatically generate the dhmp info.dei file from the packages in github.
    I also fixed some issues with package folder names containing underscores

    I'll get to those issues before the next release, I just need to fix those issues and get the barrel working and i'll release a new pack
  • You can use the special tag "hidden" to have packages be hidden in the UI. This won't affect the functionality of the packages. You can still see hidden packages if the search terms contain the word "hidden".
  • ok, cool, thanks for that info.

    I have updated all the info.dei's in the pack now to hide them from the main addon load screen and fixed the tags issue.

    We are working on a dhmp logo to use in the dhmp info.dei file and I'll update the barrel animation, fix the spiders eyes, and we should be good to go for another release
  • @skyjake
    Is there any way when using scripts and setvalue, to use addition instead of samying the exact value we want it to go to?
        timeline "timeline_bubbles" {
            script at 0 {
              render_pass_bubbles.uOffsetUV.y.setValue (0.27, 0)

    e.g. in the render code we set it to
          variable uOffsetUV       { value <0, 20> }
    and we want to add "22" to the number so rather than putting
    render_pass_bubbles.uOffsetUV.y.setValue  (42,0)
    we can put
    render_pass_bubbles.uOffsetUV.y.setValue  (+22,0)
    or something?
  • You can use all features of Doomsday Script in animation scripts, so the answer to your question is yes.

    In addition to setValue(), Animations have the methods value() and target() to query the animation's current value and the target value.

    You can use additional variables to help/clarify what you're doing. Something like this could be done:
    off = render_pass_bubbles.uOffsetUV.y
    off.setValue(off.target() + 22, 1.0)
    That would set a new target for the animation by adding 22 to the current target, with an animation time of 1.0 seconds.

    Mind you, if you have an animation that will be continuously updated without any special logic, it's always better to use a custom shader function to perform the animation. Scripts have significantly worse performance.
  • ab0c23fcf7ha.png
    We have now released a new version of the Doom High-res Model pack for The Doomsday Engine
    Grab it here https://github.com/KuriKai/dhmp
    What's new
    DHMP is now in one selectable pack that selects all the models(26) by default
    All refelctions for doom2
    New DHMP logo
    Beserk pack for low res version
    Spider mastermind fixed eyes
    chaingun fixed rotation to be clockwise instead of counter-clockwise
    Got rid of unneeded tags for the model dei's
  • thx for the update.... the new selection method is very convenient :)

    Regarding the barrel destruction animation: Is it intentional that there is explosion and afterwards the intact barrel disappers?
  • @0815Jack
    Not intentional, doom just does that(i think it kills the object). dunno if there is a way to make it stick
  • @KuriKai
    So it's not possible the recreate the sprite animation where the barrel explodes from the inside and produces some shrapnels? Just asking.....
  • Just one sprite of the barrel explosion sequence indicates some shrapnels, which are barely noticeable in game.


    The jDRP (Doomsday Resource Pack, by Dani J) contains a barrel that spreads shrapnels upon explosion, which continue to last on the floor for a short time span.
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    The explosions are in the model, but an issue with the priority of the rendering passes meant that the explosion animation never happened

    I have fixed this and uploaded pushed a new version to github

    Thanks guys
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    Awesome, thank you KuriKai.

    EDIT: Just tested the barrel model. The explosion is not very impressive, I guess it makes us of Doomsday's default particle generator? That certainly needs some tweaking.

    Currently the shrapnels disappear after a very short time span, probably due to the following error (related line 308 in info.dei).

  • yeah all models use doomsdays default particles at the moment, we are waiting the particles being upgraded to the new renderer.
    Nah that error is just me leaving in a test line. will not be in the next release.

    doom removes the barrel sprite/model after it explodes to see, open up the map, type "iddt" twice to see the object, then shoot a barrel so it explodes
  • @KuriKai

    thx for the fast update.... it does look much better (realistic) now
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    KuriKai wrote: »
    doom removes the barrel sprite/model after it explodes to see, open up the map, type "iddt" twice to see the object, then shoot a barrel so it explodes
    At first I couldn't make sense of what you are trying to say, then I noticed that with "open up the map" you mean the automap, not a game map (E1M1, MAP01).

    'iddt' is a cheatcode from the original Doom game allowing to show more details in the automap. To use it you first have to open the automap as the command does not work in normal game view.

    Doomsday's equivalent console command is reveal #:
    reveal 0 = default view
    reveal 1 = show unseen areas
    reveal 2 = show full map
    reveal 3 = show full map + things
  • Two WIP's

    double barrel shotgun

    Thanks to JasperCarmack: https://sketchfab.com/JasperCarmack for the s Tootsietoy Dakota DOOM Shotgun
  • Does this pack only contain 3 monsters or am I missing something ?
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    The Barrel explosion looks extremely underwhelming as the shrapnel just falls to the floor, and remains intact before vanishing. The speed with which they fly is also underwhelming.

    The sprite didn't have shrapnel falling on the floor; it had shrapnel starting to fly, and then vanish; as if they either got launched so far and hard you can't keep up with them, or the explosion disintegrated the shrapnel further.

    They shrapnel should either further tear apart and then disappear, or land much, much farther from the barrel, but do it in the same amount of time, to give it that "oompf".
  • Yeah, We are unable to use particles at the moment, so doing the best we can without them
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    I pulled a new version of the dhmp today, to see the new fist and keys, but I cannot get it to run. DD does not even recognize the com.hiriwa.dhmp.pack folder in the selection menu. I really don't know what's wrong.... but a lot of these error messages...
    • "dhmp.pack": Package has a syntax error: [SyntaxError] (in Info::parseListElement) List values must
      be separated with a comma, but
      ' found instead (on line 9).

    any idea?

    EDIT: after some checks I found out that the names of the individual model packages are not written correctly into the info.dei of DHMP.pack
  • are you running the build pack script?
    can you output the full errors?
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    Yes I Running dhmp-doomsday.sh from the github

    the forum software won't let me attach any files here in this thread.....

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    run dhmp-doomsday.sh in the terminal and upload the output to pastebin, then paste the link here please

  • the errors from the degine https://pastebin.com/hZUj9itF

    and here the output from the script https://pastebin.com/Kz7PVHpU
  • thanks, for som reason it's adding the building scripts into the pack, but i dont' know why, it's not on mine. in the terminal can you type "apt install tree" then run "tree on the root dhmp folder? then paste the output on pastebin?
  • I' running GIT for Windows and tried "apt install tree" but it says "command not found"

    I assume is a linux app.... Would the windows tree command also do?

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