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  • ok, found out the reason, the build script is trying to pushd into the decotations folder, but does not exist. which then breaks the package building.

    there are no decoratiosn yet, but a dead cacodemon, is a decoration, so i will create a dead cacodemon decoration pack and upload to github, this will fix the issue
  • ok thx, looking forward to it
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    @0815Jack The Dead cacodemon decoration model has now been pushed to github, the pack now should compile without any issues.

    I'm currently am working on the shotgun and super shotgun, a new pack will be released once i have these complete
  • @KuriKai yes now it works :)

    the fists are looking great..... :D .... the right hand might look better with and darker skin (at least on my setup) the keycards are very faithful to the original

    question: is there another command than git clone https://github.com/KuriKai/dhtp.git for just updating from github cause "clone" doesn't work on an existing directory?
  • in the dhmp root directory, type "git pull"
  • Great job recreating my spider mastermind character! It's crazy to see someone spend so much time recreating something I made 25 years ago. I am working on an archvile for fun currently, hopefully will be sharing images of it soon.
  • I have a problem; the DHMP won't properly completely build; it starts running, it creates the doomsday directory and then when it stops it deletes the doomsday directory. The last stuff I see before it stops and I can't read anymore is several lines that say updating. The build program stops, the window goes away, and the doomsday directory at that moment disappears from the master directory.
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    @punchatz Thanks. Teamonster made the model and textures it and I rigged it with bones and animated it. I look forward to seeing the archvile. How are you making it?

    @3DMaster post the output into a pastebin please
  • Thank you punchatz! It was a pleasure. I've always appreciated the design of the Doom monsters. I love the gleefull insanity of the Spider Mastermind and the inhuman visage of the Archvile. I'd love to see your modern take on it.

    Would you have any source photos of your work that you wouldn't mind sharing? We are always looking for reference to make sure our work is as much like the original as possible.

    Thanks again!
  • >@3DMaster post the output into a pastebin please

    How do I do that?
  • run the build script in a terminal

    copy and paste the output to
  • Where does it place the output? Is there a file made? The window goes away on its own, I don't get to copy and paste it.
  • what are the steps you are taking to build it?
  • @Tea Monster I dont have any photos that have not been uploaded to the internet already... I was terrible at taking pictures of my work :( I do have the molds for the spider mastermind and mancubus, I want to scan them at some point.

    @KuriKai I am using Maya, Zbrush and Mari on my new Archvile. While he is going to be a hell of lot more detailed and refined, he is going to be the classic Archvile for the most part.

    Rip and Tear
  • I double click the .sh file and it starts running.
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    @punchatz This is a wip of the archvile i've been making, how accurate would it be? I have referenced your model, a sketch of what i think is the archvile, and the sprite.

    Or would it be possible for us to get your model in-game?

    @3DMaster can you explain more a step by step of what you are doing?
  • There's a DHMP-doomsday.sh file in the build directory, I double click that. The script starts running in a window, old-school DOS/command prompt colors, I have to choose quality settings, I pick S (src), which is the highest setting, should I look a directory higher I see the Doomsday directory that the instructions tell me I should eventually zip up being created; but somewhere where the script stops and the window automatically closes, the doomsday directory is deleted again.
  • You are running in windows?
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    This is what I'm working on at the moment. I've got to do some more passes on the clothing. The Chaingunner is on tap as well, but he's got to go through an 'enchonkifiying' procedure when the others are done.

    Proportions of the figures are deliberately squat to fit into the game style of the original game. We thought that normal, or 'Hero' porportioned models would look out of place.

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    KuriKai wrote: »

    @punchatz This is a wip of the archvile i've been making, how accurate would it be? I have referenced your model, a sketch of what i think is the archvile, and the sprite.

    Or would it be possible for us to get your model in-game?

    Here is where my current Archie is at but he has a long way to go!!


    I don't think I would want my model in a public release... because my involvement with the original game it could get sticky if I released this.

    You can use it to guide some of your model work... it will help you get the proportions a bit closer.

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