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  • Actually, it is always better to not bake lighting information into textures if it can be avoided as by doing so you allow the texture to look more correct under a much wider range of lighting conditions. For example, if the eye glow is baked into the texture yet the switch appears in a dark room the result is that switch no longer appears to glow. Obviously it is subjective but I would personally prefer that obvious light sources appear as such - so I would be quite willing to accept a glow that doesn't exactly match the shape of the eye socket :)

    Still, doesn't (G)ZDoom support "brightmaps"? You could use this feature so the eyes continue to glow in the dark and also follow the shape of the eye socket.

    Clearly these type of cross compatibility issues will occur frequently and ideally, there would be a separate version of the resource pack for each source port that makes the most of the port's more advanced features.
  • It may be worth noting that Dday does supported textured dynamic lights/decorations with the ability to define a separate texture for each material type (floor, ceiling and wall); though the feature has only be used on the JDRP Lost Soul and in one obscure mod to my knowledge.
  • Brightmaps are supported since ages

    At least at GZDoom. ZDoom I don't know.
  • Here is my Skull atempt with reinchards frame
  • KuriKai wrote:
    Here is my Skull atempt with reinchards frame
    I still highly prefer reinchards skull.
  • KuriKai wrote:
    Here is my Skull atempt with reinchards frame
    The On-Version looks good, but the Off-Version seems too blurry around the outter edges esp. on the top-to-mid area. The key skulls are good, but the frame doesn't look very good and "artificial" and not like real stone somehow.
  • Yeah, that looks better. Before it just looked too new and too perfect, now it looks as if it is "older" and used, I think that is fitting.
  • Hi,

    Where can I download the latest texture pack for Doom? The Addons page seems to be outdated... I have some 2+ years old pack which still has some missing textures and I wonder if there is a complete one.

  • Thanks, splitterface.
  • What you guys thinking about new switch textures? :)



    Here is comparison with original:

  • Will the switches by reinchard get in?

    Because I find these ugly


    Sorry :'(
  • I agree but I don't. The skull is lacking detail but at the same time the shadowing is better. It should't be a peanut and it should show depth when activated. Don't know any other way to put it. This doesn't change all of the skull switches, some have not been made Hi Rez yet.
  • When I asking about my NEW switch textures, I mean my new sw1garg, sw1satyr, sw1lion textures two post above.
  • I know. But I dont see a problem with them. Look good to me.
  • Maybe the skull is still being worked on.
  • Reinchard wrote:
    What you guys thinking about new switch textures? :)



    Here is comparison with original:

    I think they are very good, may I use them in the pack? (we can get the switches without the background so people can put them onto textures they make?)

    The "sw1satyr", he tongue moves (pokes out) when the switch gets turned on "sw2satyr"?

    [edit]off topic
    @Reinchard, your doomguy hud face, that's a 3d model you made? do you still have the high poly for it? might we be able to use it in the DMP2?
  • Thanks! After many years of frustrating searching I finally find a source photos of that mascarons, so I mixed them with my previous switches and I got the result where high resolution version looks exactly the same after resazing to 64x128. I'm still working on it, so you must be patient, these one above is not finall version.
    About head model - I must check if I have both model and material with textures still on HDD.
  • Here's new "satyr":

    I made a thread about my research and the book where are this mascarons and other stuff used in Doom here:
    https://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-gener ... gargoyles/

    KuriKai - I don't have hp version of Doomguy's head anymore. I have only LP without texture if you interest.
  • Wow, very very cool. Great work in finding the original sources.

    The doomguys head is for tea monster, as he is working on the doomguy 3d model for the dmp2. will point him to this thread
  • If I can say one thing about Doomsday engine, From coding, to texturing, to modeling, to effects, to lighting, there is a heck of a lot of very skilled people working on this. I've seen projects that looked promising come and go, they've all ended in disappointment. This one keeps going and I am forever thankful. Great job guys! Keep up the good work and please get that Ettin out.
  • I know, wrong thread for an ettin. sorry.
  • Wood1 is looking good :)
    You might wanna change the grain directions for the frames in wood 3 and 4 so it's not one continuous wood grain over the whole texture.
  • One thing I wonder about the satyr, gargoyle and lion faces, is, that despite the source images clearly being stone, whether ID intended them to look like they were made out of metal in game (i.e through a bit of reliance on the shrinking of the sources and the games colour palette)?

    I have to admit that I'm personally not a huge fan of the new WOOD3 and 4 textures; the borders and skull look a bit pasted over the top of a generic wood background? Comparatively, the satyr, gargoyle and lion faces don't.
  • Wow, now I have direct access to this forum. )
  • For some reason I have at Doom 2 the Doom 1 skys?

    For example at MAP01 I see the Episode 1 Sky of Doom 1.

    I use GZDoom 2.1 Dev 1159

    But it also happens with GZDoom 1.8.
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