Hexen High Quality Textures

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High Quality textures for Hexen

Current version: 0.06

All textures here started from 3d models, then rendered to normal maps and ambient occlusion, then painted albedo, specular and glossiness maps and finally rendered on a plane with a PBR OpenGL renderer to a single texture with one directional light source from left shoulder. All textures have 800% resolution from originals.
Since they were rendered with a PBR they will NEVER be similar to the hand-painted originals. I only can keep original design and base colors.

All textures have their own reflection maps, shine masks and parameters definitions, so it's STRONGLY recommended to turn off any other texture add-ons.
At some point I will merge textures from here to a XARP texture pack.

Texture pack is HERE

Pack contents:












  • Wow Those look absolutely awesome.

    As you create more over the months, years... or however long it takes you, I'll keep on adding them to my game, replacing the textures within the existing pack with your superior ones.
  • yes they do, can't wait to see more.
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    Thanks for appreciation guys! <:-P
    The next will be BRASS1. That's an early WIP
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  • Looking good once again :)
  • This looks like it's going to make the existing texture pack look like something done on an Atari Jaguar... Well OK slight exaggeration, I do like the existing pack, but I always feel that many of the brass doors etc. are far too bright. Looks like you've taken this into account and addressed the issue.

    Just out of pure curiously, what software application are you using? I can see part of the interface from the screenshot, and it seems similar to whatever it was that the Centaur model was previewed in on the other thread.
  • looks great so far!

    curious to see how the dragons come out :)
  • Just out of pure curiously, what software application are you using?
    I use various tools for modeling and effects depending on task (Houdini, Maya, 3d Coat). In that particular example I use Maya.
  • Thanks, though to be honest I'm not familiar with any of the applications on your list.

    I've always been curious about whether or not I could learn to make game-related content such as models and textures, but I've no idea where to start. All I know about textures is that making them requires a package similar to one called 'Milkshape', and that you need a pretty comprehensive knowledge of C++ coding in order to get started with all the animations etc. I know nothing about coding, so that rules me out. Textures, on the other hand possibly seem a bit more manageable for none computer professionals to master.

    Is any coding knowledge required to get started on simple textures? Or is it something that only really requires artistic skills, and some design knowledge?
  • you dont need to know anything about coding to be able to make models or textures ;)
    all you need for modelling is a 3D-modelling program, and a texture-editing program to make textures.

    my modelling software of choice is blender, which is easy to use and is 100% free: http://www.blender.org/

    and for making textures i use paintshop pro myself, which is quite pricey but a great tool.
    but there are also free alternatives like gimp
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 now is for free ;)Link
    That's more than enough for texture creation.
    SideFX Houdini have a free Apprentice Edition link. All my models and animations from this thread was made with that tool.
  • I've got Photoshop CS6 already, so it's fine in that department. Not sure if Paint Shop Pro offers any benefits over the former, but will look into it. Took a look at Blender too... there's a heck of a lot to learn, though there are plenty of tutorials.

    ... and from reading that thread, I also learned that you are one of the people working on the Skyforge MMO, wow!

    Anyway I don't want to derail the thead any more, as it should be about the Hexen textures.
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    Geometry part of BRASS1
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  • looks great so far!

    maybe you could try adding some scales to the dragons?
    that would be awesome and would look amazing when its made into a texture

    dun doubt itll be a lot of work, but it would look really cool
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    The scales are not very hard to add, bud it could ruin the shape of the dragon.
    There are scales already in the original dragon graphics (the big square-shaped things). Also I want to keep original style.
  • neat, that looks great

    cant wait to see the texture in-game when its done
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    Brass1 ready to go. Texture pack have been updated to 0.02
  • Excellent work once again.

    Quick question, if I install your new pack in it's current state over the top of the existing JXCCP will your textures override the existing ones in that pack, or must I remove the relevant textures from JXCCP first?
  • I just tried myself to use this pack with the existing XARP add-on, and it works fine.
  • Excellent, thank you.
  • Brass1 is looking great veirdo. Although I think there is a bit too much shadow around the frame on the vertical edges, as it suggests the backing plate is curving inward and confusing the eye.
  • Hi DaniJ! The frame have a "]" rotated 90 degrees clockwise profile, I "read" it from original texture by measuring pixel's luminosity. But maybe it's not a profile, but just a specular reflection on sloping faces ("]" profile have a more interesting design in my opinion, so I kept it). Anyway I didn't draw a texture by hand, it's a result of a PBR 3d model rendering. All shadows depends on depth of the model.
  • I just tested your hd textures, very nice work!
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    Now I'm working on a small Seven Portals doors
  • looks great, just like all the stuff you make veirdo :)
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    I have tried a Substance Designer tool which I bought on steam a year ago, but there was no case to use it. The main benefits are procedural texture generation, and my files now are 100 times lightweight than the Photoshop or 3dCoat sources. It's also really cool to see a PBR viewport that reflects any parameter change in a blink of an eye. :)
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    I've tried to use a kostas.se shader to render textures for doomsday with a Substance Designer as an authoring tool.
    click on image to enlarge
    That inspires me to redo all brass textures I did before. And it will be done in no time.

    P.S. I use a realtime renderer as I believe that someday the Doomsday will accept a PBR ;)
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    Texture pack have been updated to v 0.03
    Small Seven Portal's doors textures have been added, and all other "brass"-series textures have been updated to more natural-looking weared brass.
  • Great work as always. Keep up the good work!
  • Looks great. All it needs now is a little detail texturing and it'll look even better I think.
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