Hexen Neural Texture Pack

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Hexen Neural Texture Pack
Next work will also be directed to bring the new look of original textures from Hexen. The main purpose is preservation of details and lack of third-party modifications, only close view of what was conceived by designers since the beginning. No intervention, only the original.

Release date: 22.12.2019
Version: 2.0.1
File size: 241 Mb
Download from Google Disk

Examples of textures

Examples of weapons

Examples of enemys


  • Good stuff! :+1:
  • Wow, Looks really good! <3
  • Some screenshots

  • Nice work indeed!
  • Looks Very Good and could not be more original!

    If you wish a bit of a challenge using a Neural AI look at Doom64 Absolution (the stand-alone version) it has very pixelated textures and sprits. The Doom64 that can run under Doomsday had many HD textures added but at present it has many critical switches and doors that will not work, so, you will have to cheat to move along.

    Thanks for your hard work and for sharing!
  • Main post updated with new ver.
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    w38i0a9hjgem.png Old one

    9ruybvf28ip0.png New one

    8vx62yrmbojn.png Alternate

  • This is awesome. Looks so much better than all the hires packs that were fan created. Thank you.
  • If you are having low FPS problems in Hexen substituting the Hexen_ds.pks Neural enhancement pack in place of an HD pack (e.g. the excellent Hexen Authentic Recourse Pack (XARP) v0.13) will give you about a 35+ FPS boost in framerate.
  • very nice pack!
  • A question: Can this be used in conjunction with the existing XARP resource pack.

    Do disrespect at all to your work, which looks absolutely amazing, but I'm just one of those people who prefers 3D models over sprites.

    The problem is there's no models for Wendigo, Heresiarch, Stalker or Quietus HUD weapon in the XARP.

    I was wondering if there were some way of combining the two packs to get the 3D models in the XARP plus your high res Stalker, Wendigo, Heresiarch and Quietus models?

    Not certain about the textures, as I don't how your pack will overwrite the existing XARP textures, and your textures might be better... would need some way of comparing the two.
  • A question: Can this be used in conjunction with the existing XARP resource pack.

    Latest version of doomsday has next queue of loading packages: from top to bottom in the list

    So, easiest way to solve your problem is just to load Neural pack first, and XARP second

    About "how to select better instance for each texture" - there is no easy ways, an you will be forced to compare them one by one and to remove "worst" instances from the packs at all

    Especially for me, I created a package, where only best textures (from my point of view) are exists. And for some textures, when I liked 2 or more instances, I created separate packages. So any time I can select different hires example for each texture

    Yes, there is no Neural packages in my texture pakages because I did this long time ago (so I need to do this again in future, so I will add Neural variants to all preferred textures and sprites)

    Ans yes, my packages are not ready for public internet sharing because of this: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/103770-hexen-neural-texture-pack/?do=findComment&comment=1971094

  • That works perfectly thank you. I know what you mean about the textures, but to be honest I'll just leave things as they are for simplicity. There's a few gaps in the old XARP, and the Neural Pack fills in those gaps.

    So good to be able to play without having to put up with lo res sprites for those enemy types. I guess the only remaining 'lo res' things in the game are the player models, which you'll encounter in the final act.

    I don't imagine anyone will ever complete the missing models in my lifetime, and so I suspect that the XARP + Centaur and Ettin Pack + Neural Pack is now the most 'complete' version of Hexen it's possible to play.

    Thanks for your help, and thanks also to Grandgreed for all his excellent work.
  • This is really cool!
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    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with Neural Texture Pack for Hexen, when I try to launch Hexen with it, entire Doomsday crash and it gave me this error message:



    Every other mods runs just fine, for example, the Neural Texture Pack for Heretic, and the Doomsday engine itself, so I think the problem is in the Neural Texture pack for Hexen, any suggestions please?

    Win10, DE version 2.1.1, Stable build 2967, 32 bit, tried also 64-bit version, but same crash

    Thanks in advance.
  • Finally Hexen gets the hd treatment it deserves! Only took 20 years lol. Maybe in another 20 we will get a complete 3d remake.

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