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  • Speaking of headlight eyes, I wonder if there is currently a way to make monster model eyes glow in Doomsday. One could make it so when a monster activates, its eyes glow briefly.
  • Indeed, there is; a sub model set to full bright. Psy's Gargoyle model for Heretic features full bright eyes and several JDRP models have bright parts at various times.

    The thing is, the eyes of Heretic's Gargoyle had the illusion of a small glow in the original game due to color map manipulation (something no OpenGL port currently imitates properly); Doom does not.
  • I'm more concerned about the predator style invisible effect for the invisible pinkie demons than that.
  • looks awesomes tea monster!

    and yeah i do agree a bit trying to make stuff look to overly much like the sprites can make stuff look a bit odd sometimes, cuz sprites have so little detail and such, and in the sprites stuff often tend to unintentionally look blocky cuz how little detail they have

    anyways... that pinky is looking real sweet :D
  • Yes, now if all monsters looked this good. To be honest, it seems that the monsters that have already been done are being redone (this will be the 2nd time the pinky model is redone) while the others haven't been redone at all.
  • That does look great but will it work in Doomsday? Would love to see somebody working to dress Hexen better, seems to be the most neglected of the bunch.
  • Just thought I'd share this. The old pinky looked just like the sprite, but in doing so, made it look a bit silly (tombstone teeth and headlight eyes). So I've reved it up a notch.
    That is SO much better than my bad early attempt at this model years ago! (I lacked the skill and patience anyway, and don't model any more!)

    Can't wait to see it in game, I would like to see it have a fairly nice poly count though as I'm sure up and coming versions will be optimised well!
    I'd love to see a complete model pack by you some day Tea Monster, one day we can use normal maps to show these off in full glory :)
  • The reason the pinky has been revisited already is that I have the sculpt at hand and tweaking the sculpt is really easy compared to herding a load of vertices around. I imagine poly count to be about 3k, as that is what the old one was it held it's shape pretty well. 3K for a game asset nowadays is small beer.

    Same thing with the Caco. I've got the sculpt already done for a second attempt, It just needs retopoing and baking. Sculpting stuff is really easy. Re-sculpting something you sculpted before and making it look better is easier still. The baking and retopoing is the real PitA.

    A complete model pack is a bit of a tall order. I'll probably make a few things here and there though.

    I'm not really interested in Hexen I'm afraid, sorry. I do love Heretic though. I've made a Golem model that I wasn't satisfied with, so I might return to that once the new renderer is in place.
  • I've been talking to Kuri Kai about the Pinky model. I've done a rework that is a little more 'fierce' in that it hasn't got the headlamp eyes and tombstone teeth of the original. While I love the sprite, I think as a model it just looks goofy. So I've done a more 'organic' version.

    Just getting some opinions on what you guys think would be the best way to go with this.

    1: The old pinky Demon model, but with thinner lips and smaller eyes.
    http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s204 ... eak_02.jpg

    2: The new one.
    http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s204 ... ork_02.jpg
  • Personally I much prefer the old version. Certainly, I wouldn't go with "tombstone" teeth but then neither would I go to the other "needles" extreme. The new one reminds me of this: http://media.treehugger.com/assets/imag ... erfish.jpg

    I appreciate that he doesn't look particularly fierce but with a character such as the Pinky, most of his attitude and ferocity will come from the animation.
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    Or maybe do 2 models to give people the choice between sharp teeth and one without. I can imagine the sharp teeth scaring the player more if surprised. There are times when I didn't expect a monster to appear in a newly opened spot and got scared and literally made a verbal sound like a mild yet emotional 'ah'.
  • Wow that new one does look fierce! I agree with DaniJ about the very pointy teeth but overall as an artist's impression it's spot on for me! Great work by the way on all of your models!

  • A fearsome beast, fit only to be hunted down and killed! (preferably, with a shotgun ;))
  • new teeth look cool, but they look a bit to much like needles imo.
    perhaps make them a lil less long and a bit more wider, so they are more fang-like rather then needle-like?
  • I heard a demonic voice calling me on my hard drive. I tracked it down and found this guy.
  • that is awsome
  • I remember when you created that model originally Tea Monster - did you ever get around to skinning him? He does look really good.
  • I used an early version of this sculpt to make my first caco. It's been vastly improved since then. I've not made a next gen version yet, but that will come in time.
  • it would be absolutely awesome if you'd finish that caco model you were busy with long ago TM :D
  • I did. I think it's the one in the pack currently. I was just never happy with how the skin turned out.
  • hmm i just downloaded the JDRP from the add-ons page so i could have a look at it, but i found out that nothing in the pack found on the add-ons page seems to work with the latest doomsday O_o

    using doomsday 1.10.2 none of the models from the pack show up at all. made sure to check taht i enabled all of them in snowberry and checked to make sure in doomsday itself the 'use models' option was enabled but none of the models of the JDRP which is hosted on the addons page shows up at all O_o

    anybody have a more updated version of the jdrp which does work in the latest doomsday builds?
  • The jDRP appears to be working correctly for me with the latest 1.12 release candidate.
  • anybody have a more updated version of the jdrp which does work in the latest doomsday builds?
    The kingennio's pack is more up-to-date and with higher res items and objects. I have a pack called 'Doomsday best hi-def model.rar' that I acquired from a post in this forum some time ago this year, and it no doubt has Kingennio's improvemnets. I combined with pack with the usage of the existing Tea Monster monster model Caco and Pinky + the sitters monsters and normal JDRP monsters. Basically I combined the best hi-def pack with some sitter monsters and Tea Monster models and can toggle them off and on in the launcher. The archvile and Revenant look better in sitters version, but the 3D gibs effect of the Imp and soldiers are missing and the archvile doesn't fall apart with this model but has its body covered in a flame for a few seconds upon falling down.

    I hope within the next few years a next gen model pack will be created and also duplicate the monster deaths as accurately as possible.
  • This is sitting on my computer

    one of the reasons i'm not working on textures at the moment (don't have time for both models and textures)
  • holy f-ing crap kurikai, that model looks amazing :))
  • @ teamonster
    ah yes its indeed in the pack from kingennio, my bad. ^^;

    just a shame it isnt as crazy detailed like in your picture,
    that wouldve been absolutely epic if it was as detailed in-game as in your picture <3


    also, thanx gary for the hint. all models in kingennio's pack works fine and looks great :D
  • Zowie dude! That looks epic!

    splitterface - The new one will look a lot more like the sculpt - promise!
  • I'm not sure Doomsday supports such high detail yet. Maybe that is the reason it hasn't been done yet, I'm guessing. We already know that certain new model formats and normal maps are still not supported, unless that has changed recently.
  • Yeah, that is what we are waiting for.
  • Y5Fz4vy.png
    low poly model
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