DHMP (DOOM High-res Model Project)



  • It suffers from the dreaded 'boiling effect' where the vertices have a mother's meeting as to where they are going to be from frame to frame
    you mean like what they called 'swimming vertexes' over at quakeone, which mdl suffers from too?
    like where vertexes seem to move all over the place between frames?

    if thats what you mean, yeah i noticed that verdio's hexen-models seem to suffer from this,
    especially the bloudscourge he made suffers immensely from it.

    about converting md3 to md2:
    i assume noesis will be fine for converting md3 to md2?

    does the md2 format also support multiple models in a single file?
    and if not how would one do this in doomsday, use multiple models as replacement for a single sprite?
    i often do this with md3-models so i can use different textures for different parts of an item


    ah, so mobj basically just is another name for sprites...
    shoulda just said sprites, then i wouldve known what you meant right away :P


    anyway, i might look into perhaps making some models for hexen2 then some day :)
    but first ill continue my remodelling-project for drake-mod for quake ;)
  • We won't be releasing the models for md2
  • @vermil
    ah, so mobj basically just is another name for sprites...
    shoulda just said sprites, then i wouldve known what you meant right away :P
    Not quite, the mobj is the physical object in the gameworld. The sprite (or model) is a visual thing plastered on said object, so the player isn't attacked or blocked by something invisible.

    Type 'rend-dev-mobj' 0/1 to see what I am trying to refer to; there is also a button for this in the advanced options of the renderer taskbar menu.
  • man you all are awsome. wish i could do stuff like that.
  • Blender: www.blender.org
    Blender tutorials: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3Dvf_Noob_to_Pro --- Also, search YouTube

    Sculptris: pixologic.com/sculptris/‎

    GIMP: www.gimp.org/downloads/

    No reason you can't at least mess around and have fun with that stuff... You get to the point where you can craft what you conceptualize, and then just conceptualize better things, and then they'll come out better! :)
  • Hi is now rigged for animation, just needs tweaking
  • pretty good approach :)

    my 2 Cents: i would make the cheeks and the canine teeth bigger and put more emphasis on the muscles
  • Neater if the art style is more realistic and less cartoony.
  • Well, thats personal preference. To say that one style of art is better than another is like saying the color red is better than blue.
  • I know. It is all a perception. anything that is not testable or measurable is an opinion.
  • the aim of the dmp2 is to have two different skins, one TF2 style, which should fit in with doom more, and one more realistic
  • Do we have any update on model or renderer formats?

    On the renderer front, something like this would be interesting...

    http://renderwonk.com/publications/s201 ... ng-course/
  • This might look a bit better than the last one (all in the lighting)

    Click for larger image
  • a bit better except for the animation there and the fact i think his lower jaw is too far out but with the lighting it looks 10X better
  • edited 2014 Apr 2
    Looks good, but needs a spec map - which is why I've been nagging for details on the renderer. I don't want KuriKai and myself to make a load of maps for one renderer and it uses something completely different. Also, depending on how the lighting is handled very much dictates how you create your diffuse textures. Get it wrong and they will look like crap in game.
  • Its too early to give you real specifics on things like the normal and specular map formats that the new map renderer will support. However, I know from experience that transposing such data is a relatively straight forward task given the right tools. Is this the sort of thing you mean? Or more general stuff such as whether we'll be supporting skeletal animation? (Which is highly probable).
  • Just missed your post before I edited mine. We are trying to find out what sort of maps you will be supporting. I didn't really expect you to be using the PBM stuff as it's kind of bleeding edge even for stuff like Unreal (but it would be mondo cool if you could). But even with 'previous next gen' how you construct materials to look right under the renderer very much depends on what maps you have, how the lighting is handled etc. For example, if you have screen space AO, and we bake all the AO into the diffuse, it will look really weird. That is just one example of what I'm getting at. If you have gloss maps, it will affect how you construct your skin shaders, etc. etc...
  • i'll just leave this here
  • KuriKai wrote:
    i'll just leave this here
    Although you treat the model as high-poly, it is very lack of details. The silhouette is poor. I suggest you to use extra poly's with alpha mask to add fur\hair details. See example below.

    The animation is another issue. Do not rely on sprite keyframes only. Use your own fullsize animation for better
    time-frame distribution. Use live references for animation. For now shoulder tension looks unnatural on attack state.
  • I'll also point out that convincing animation is also dependent on sound topological model structure around joints. A higher poly count will only mask some of the issues with animating poor mesh topology. Note the careful placement of edge loops and internal-edge winding around the knees in veirdo's example.
  • thanks guys, that is some really usefull info.
  • 338d82e0-b0c7-4dca-9c45-c442afa9207d.jpg
    Head by CG Phantom. Body by me.
    Mech parts aren't done yet.
  • I have to be honest and say that I'm not a fan of the face: the sprite appeared to have a more square jaw, teeth (rather than a closed frowning mouth) and it's horns looked bigger (or maybe the head was a little larger compared to the body, on the sprite?).

    I'd also raise the skin of his hips a bit, to expose more wires (the sprite's entire hip area was basically wires); even taking into account artistic deviation, the shape of the hip skin currently, reminds me of Doom Guys armour on the Doom1 title pic and box art.

    Also, I think the silver part metal around the waist kind of looks a bit like a pair of yfronts; dunno why, but it reminded me of the cyber demon from this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3LKadZ4LFU

    Finally, I wonder what it would look like if the hooves were a little larger?

    I'm a very very very picky person :)
  • that seems fine to me and if you look at the doom2 title pic what is in there a Cyberdemond so for the cyber you not only have the sprites but also a title pic.
  • I kind of hate to say this but, so many people are complaining that this doesn't look like the original this or that. What is the purpose of Doomsday? Is it not here to do what could not be done? And also I'd like to ask, why is this a Doom fanboy project? If I remember correctly, this Deng all started with a love for Hexen and yet Hexen is the most neglected of the bunch.
    If you don't like a model then don't use it, plain and simple. If something strays too much from the original for your liking, Again, don't use it. I think that you all should explore and say to yourselves, what if the original could have done this? Would you have still made what was made? Not trying to belittle anyone but sometimes this place cracks me up.
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