DHMP (DOOM High-res Model Project)



  • Will there be a hi-poly one too? Once this one is textured, it will probably look good even if low poly though since it isn't too low poly and it might have hi res textures. :)
  • there will be two versions of it
  • The low res version that will be in-game
  • very cool kurikai, looks awesome

    excited to see this bad-ass model in-game :D


    what is that kick-ass face in your new profile-pic?
    perhaps a preview of a new spider-mastermind? ;)

    it looks epic <3
  • Maybe a cyber demon or maybe some picture that has nothing to do with Doom.
  • One has to admit that it does look ALOT like Spidey though :p

  • ;) :D

    By the way, I'm not the only one with a new avatar.
  • Well, MY Avatar is a Spectre j/k.
  • yes yes, i also noticed the WIP incubus in kurikai's avatar. looks awesome too :D

    great to see people working on making better models for doom again,
    some of the monsters could really use an update cuz some of the current models look kinda old and outdated
  • That's looking pretty darn cool if I do say so.
  • I blame KuriKai as he's been nagging me to post some stuff up here :D

    So here is most of what I have at the moment. All of them are NOT finished. Some of it is very early days (which is why I haven't posted it yet). Cybes has only had about 3 hours of work on him.

    The Lost Soul is by CG Phantom, not myself, but I'm prepping it for game for him.

  • those are all absolutely awesome :D
  • It will be great to show off whatever new model format(s) Dday get's in the near-ish future with example(s).

    Naturally they are looking good so far :)
  • wish i could make fancy stuff like those models.

    but i can only do much simpler models as of yet: http://imgur.com/a/yJodM
    those are all models i made (except fiend and shambler and crossbow, but i made their skins) :)
  • keep at it and you will improve the best things you could be doing are the non monster stuff like the stimpacks and other stuff

  • spider.jpg
    Now if you could make it look this good in game with damage stages and the works, it would be so amazing.
  • wish i could make fancy stuff like those models.

    but i can only do much simpler models as of yet: http://imgur.com/a/yJodM
    those are all models i made (except fiend and shambler and crossbow, but i made their skins) :)
    If you are keen to try make some stuff for doom, I'm sure tea Monster and I can give you some help in learning how to do it
  • Be very careful with the lips, big clear lips like that look more silly than malignant.
    (Flattening them would be good, unless you really want a demon to look like an angry old woman.)
    (Oh and a clean photo of the original cyberdemon sketch was posted recently, just in case you guys are curious)
    And christ, be careful with the imp.

    I find this shitty thing I whipped up ages ago much more true to the original imp than that man-monkey demon;
    Big eyes is a very important characteristic, and those huge eye sockets with tiny eyes makes them look more silly than anything.
    And nor do they have almost perfectly square jaws.
  • @Bloax
    Yeah I found that on the 20th anniversary and sent it to tea monster.

    I didn't realise i had given him lips
    The problem with the imp is that I have not been able to find any concept art for it. the highest detail we know is the sprite. Therefore everyone has their own ideas of what it should look like. For example 3158451174_c3f7f79c3c.jpg [edit]This is what one person thinks it looks like. You can find many more different styles on google also[/edit]
    I took some ideas from "alien resurrection" and will also probable take some ideas from your model. Thanks.
  • Is this a newer gen model format monster to take advantage of improve engine features as well as normal map capable?
  • We will use what ever the doomsday engine decides to go with.
    We are making them with the future in mind.
    We will be releasing the source files of the models also, so others can improve on them.
  • KuriKai wrote:
    I didn't realise i had given him lips
    That's directed at TeaMonster's mastermind, which looks a bit too much like a huge brain monster merged with an old, angry woman's face.
  • edited 2013 Dec 16
    yeah im not capable of creating such complex animated models as monsters yet,
    but i can create simple non-animated models

    my texturing-skills are pretty crappy though, i mostly just find some fitting texture through google,
    and edit the texture a bit to be fitting for the model ^^;


    sure i guess i could try some day. what formats does doomsday support?
    so far ive only made models for the darkplaces quake engine which supports mdl and md3,
    and ive been using md3 for any models ive made.

    perhaps i could make some models for hexen some time too :)
    which is one of my fave games of all time and which still needs a lot of the sprites remade as models.
    shame so little people have interest in making models for hexen, its a brilliant game <3

    ATM im quite busy though with a HD-remodel project for a quake-mod called drake,
    which is what all those models in that link are for
    http://quakeone.com/forums/quake-mod-re ... ps-hd.html
  • edited 2013 Dec 16
    Doomsday currently supports MD2 and its own MD2 derived DMD format. Models can be used for mobjs (objects in the game world such as the player, an Imp etc) and particles.

    That said, while Deng team haven't explicitly set a date or engine version, Dday is fairly likely to support newer model formats and modelling features, in the near/middle future; as you may have noted above, Tea Monster and Kuri Kai are, basically, working on new models in expectance of such happening.

    That said, as shown by Verdio's HeXen models, Dday's MD2 and DMD formats are plenty capable of great models:
  • never worked with md2 myself, and yeah i know of the DMD format but i never looked into it myself.

    also, not to sound stupid, but.... whats a mobj? ^^;

    ive never done any modding or modelling for any doom-engine games,
    so i honestly have no clue what a mobj is =))
  • No idea on mobj, but I've been modding Duke Nukem for the past few years >:)

    MD2 is awful. It suffers from the dreaded 'boiling effect' where the vertices have a mother's meeting as to where they are going to be from frame to frame. Also, you will be hard pressed to actually find anything that works with the format as it had it's heyday when Quake II was the pinacle of gaming tech. Currently we have to export as MD3 from Blender and then convert it using various third party tools.

    The Deng coders are going to implement something else in the model department - we don't know what yet.

    If you are cool with making static stuff like props, that is fine. If you need anything you can bug either myself of KuriKai.
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