DHSP (DOOM high resolution sprite project)



  • There is specular on all materials, exactly like in that kind of metal and leather surface should be. If I increase specular and reflectivity much more, there will have too shiny look.
  • Some time ago I worked on Doomguy hud face. Now I'm trying to make it in 3d:


    Eyeballs and hairs is still in early stage.
  • Already looks realistic. Keep up the good work.
  • your pic reminds me of BJ blazkowicz, how he looks like in wolfenstein the new order:
  • Yes Reinchard it looks good but give it more detail like they did with Mr. Blazkowicz. even tho they look different they look the same if you flatten the face and make it less detailed.
  • I'm afraid I must redesign his eyes, because that's the part which ruined most of "true Doomguy" feeling.

    I have very detailed diffuse texture, but for some reason most of details are dissapear in render. Still workin on this.
  • looking good
  • Skin needs to be darker too.
  • For the past few weeks I worked on his hair and test many rander types. So that's how he look for now:

    Doomguy's haircut is the one of the strangest part of modeling, because original frames exclude each other - one time they show with typical military buzz cut, at other times his hair seems to be longer. So I went to compromise and did something you see above. This one still needs some work, so doesn't treat this as a final version.
  • wow it looks fantastic keep it up.
  • Looks like it is on the verge of completion. Maybe there is a way to make it look a little closer to doomguy, but this is good enough. Not sure what you plan to change before you deem it final.
  • i had a quick look at the doomguy face sprites and his long hair is still part of the buzz cut but back when doom was made how would you do a buzz cut? and he dose seem to have longer bangs.

    think more the old duke nukem games but with the front of the hair not as pronounced.

  • I didn't know there were Duke Nukem side scrollers or that it was back in the NES days as far as detail goes. I owned a game for the N64 that was Duke Nukem but I didn't know is was much older than that.

    ...a quick search shows that you posted the first ever made and it was DOS from 1991.
  • Well that takes me back... I have fond memories of playing the original Duke Nukem games on my 386 DX back in the day :) I remember the original "uproar" when Duke Nukem went 3D (heh).
  • i never own duke nukem 1 and 2 but new of them. i did specifically look up an in-game screen shot. just so happened Wikipedia had one.
  • Just have some fun today with this heads :) Testing some face animation with morphers.

  • I made a few changes here and there, so tell me what you think about that one:


    This time without hair - just removed it for test renders.
  • thats looking great reinchard!

    he looks much more like the doom-guy now :)
  • That's really very good Reinchard, nicely done!
  • Tell me which one has better fit for first frame:



    Or maybe with non-symetrical light:

  • Wow. This is really coming along nicely. I think i prefer no. 2 with the softer shadows.

    Can't wait to have this in the game :)
  • Ok, today I make first ingame test.
    Here's first 3 frames:


    And ingame screen:


    As you can see I use 192x240 size which is 4x bigger then original ones and I think this is optimum for hud face. Faces are squashed like original. I use this time more saturated colors in render lights, so face have more yellowish tint, but not that strong like original frames have, so I show you another variation:


    As you can see I use model that most of you guys like most (2 and 3 from my previous post are the same model with different light), so thanks for help.
  • very nice. good job
  • Good stuff.
  • Very impressive, nice work.
  • looks great!

    much prefer the natural lighting though rather then the saturated lighting.
    the overly saturated lights just look odd imo on model.

    looked ok for the low-res art, but looks weird on a realistic hi-poly model
  • Yeah, the reason the over-saturated version looks so odd is because you're mixing art styles. You should just adopt one or the other (cartoon vs realism) rather than trying to mix the two.
  • You've done a great job on bringing him to life. The only problem is that the sprites don't have the same proportions as 'real' people. He has a lot of 'uncanny valley' issues as a result of this. The only way to fix that would to make him more human proportioned, which is going to ruin the whole effect you are aiming for.
    I think it's fine for the hud replacement. If people are looking at that instead of shooting demons, then the HUD is the least of your issues!
  • Thanks for comments guys!

    stfkill0 is done:



    At the same time I'm working on new status bar and fonts, so this one here are placeholders. Next frames are on the way.
  • neat! das one seriously pissed-off looking doom-guy <3

    i like it :D
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