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The invisible pink demon

Does anyone know how the original doom handles the invisible pink demon? Is it just another monster, the sprite being of a format with transparency and some mass of dots/strips to make up the body, or did it actually do something with the pink demon to make it invisible?

I ask because in Doomsday the invisible pink demon has so many black forms clustered so together, out in the open the demon is EXTREMELY visible, far more than it used to be. (I haven't come across it in dark areas yet.)

I'm wondering if this is something that can be solved in Doomsday; or it's simply a product of low res textures/sprites in high ress game, and it just needs a new sprite/model that is higher res and will be the same level invisible as the original was.


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    The spectre uses a rendering method that is apparently extremely difficult, if not impossible, to replicate in 3d accelerated ports.
  • Yeah, it would need a custom shader to get close to the original effect.
  • Oh, what seens my eye on that page, "Spectre".

    Aha, I guess I still had the model loaded, I didn't know the invisible pick demon was called the spectre by the game. Interestingly it did create effectively the same look as the original, just that whatever the model creator used for an odd texture, or maybe it's all particle effects, to produce it was designed for much lower resolutions and with a set pixel distance; and that at my 1440p the black particles get so close together, it becomes very very visible.

    I have to say the effect of Doomsday itself is quite visible too, can the transparency be increased so it's less visible? It also begs the question of course if that makes it too invisible for other players... if that is the case, can there be an option to manually set the transparancy to ones own liking?
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