Sapphire Wand 2.0 + Doomsday 2 Hexen Models



  • what dd 2.0 version are you using? I can only load the common ressources of you pack....
  • 0815Jack wrote:
    what dd 2.0 version are you using? I can only load the common ressources of you pack....

    doomsday_2.0.0-build1902_x86.msi works for me (but anyway, better to use latest (1905 for now) )
  • yeah that works...... fine model :)
  • Hey Veirdo, any progress on your side? :)
  • Hi Milten! I'm working on a gore and fatality system with respected texture atlas.
    What already done: generic skeleton and guts tested on a doll and Ettin models, sepatated body parts wrapped in gibs meshes.
    What to do: materials and animation.
    That work is more research than real production, and it's going slowly. So I started to make a Serpent Staff HUD model in parallel.
    Also Sapphire wand projectiles and hit FXes are ready and waiting for skyjake to implement model aligning system.
  • I've had limited time to work on Doomsday recently, but the alignments are definitely next on the model rendering to-do list. I'll try to get around to it sooner rather than later.
  • hi veirdo,

    can you show us a WIP pic of the Serpent Staff HUD model?
  • I finished blocking phase for the Serpentstaff HUD and started shaping a highpoly model. I think I can show something in a two weeks.
  • Here is a WIP image of the Serpentstaff HUD model as I promised to show. It's still a blockout with some detailing.
  • veirdo wrote:
    Here is a WIP image of the Serpentstaff HUD model as I promised to show. It's still a blockout with some detailing.

    Looking good so far, keep it up :)
  • I finished a base mid-poly model, now I can start a high-poly and fine details. After that I'll do a low-poly and baking.
  • very the idea of modelling the eye lid.....
  • Wow, this model looks really cool now. When will you be able to complete it, veirdo? Your weapon models are really really great!
  • Hi rmladenov,
    If nothing goes wrong I think I can finish it before the fall. And about not asked question about monster Ettin and other creatures: there is still a big issue with a death states on a client's side. The corpses can't contain their visual states after save/load of the game. I'm also think that the corpses should be more lightweight and not contain a skeleton info. A simple mesh would be enough. The skeleton mesh would be useful only with a ragdoll dynamic corpses.
  • hears my addition to that and that is once the mesh stops moving then the skeleton is removed for the models we want ragdolls for.
  • very very nice work !!
  • Hey, how's the progress Veirdo?
  • Hi Milten,
    I was not able to work on a Doomsday for about 2 months due to a personal circumstances, but I returned to a normal pace of work a week ago :)
    The Serpentstaff high-poly model is finished and now I'm working on a low-poly model uv's. I think I can finish the hard-surface part of the model in September. And the "magical" part I left to October.
  • HUD Serpentstaff low-poly (game) model. The colors are not final, but very close. The poly-count is raised up to 10K triangles
    The VFX parts are in progress.
  • That is simply beautiful, I want to reach out and take hold of it.
  • Amazing work as usual veirdo. Keep it up :)
  • Last week I spent finishing materials of the Serpent Staff and binding mesh to a skeleton. Also I started to make a material-related effects. The image below is rendered with a Doomsday engine's similar shaders, so this look can be expected in game. Eye details and magical effects are coming soon, stay tuned ;)
  • The power of shaders! I used a vertex color/alpha to color an eye (grayscale image) and a scroll uv's function.
    That's nothing special, I use those functions everyday at work, but now it came to Doomsday :)

  • amazing
  • I agree with Gordon.
  • Hexen Serpent Staff 3d model melee (leech) effects test.

  • Some time ago I realized that invisibility looks like very nice in Doomsday (tried on heretic HUD 3dmodels and hexen gauntlets from xarp), especially metal/shinemap parts

    I wonder, how serpent staff will look like with invisibility (icon of the defender with cleric), especially shader (eye) and metal parts. Also it's interesting, how Doomsday 2.x handle reflections with invisibility
  • I'm not very happy with the current transparency approach. It's a simple blend applied to a model. It have advantage in render speed and disadvantage in showing back faces of the model. It's not very noticeable on a simple models, but it can be very messy on a complex models with intersecting geometry.
    I prefer a multi-pass transparency where the background and transparent model are rendered separately and then blended together. This approach is not suitable for a swarm of monsters, but it can show a better result for a HUD models.
  • amazing work as always
  • First shots of the Serpent Staff in game. All animations are ready and working. Now I'm working on a weapon script. I think I can release it in the end of the weekend.
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