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It's been since mars 2019 I started a project with some people of the community of Hexen, we plan to release a project for Hexen in Doomsday who has a good quality.

I can't share things from the game because the team have to finish some stuff for the world renderer and others but i'm allowed to show some 3D models of the sketchfab. I paid for all the 3D models, animations and textures of it except a few, beside, Veirdo code the stuff for it to put it in the game with some improvements and modifications and VFX, he uses a custom FBX code he made who make it really great, Doomsday has really a big potential for that!

We plan to release a first version (beta without exploded corpses) in late 2022 if everything go well, not sure about the date, it will be compatible with classic/vanilla maps.

GrigoryArx for the work on the 3D models, animations and textures (all drawed by hand).
Skyjake is working on the new world renderer and other stuff for doomsday.
Veirdo is working now to put everything in the game and VFX
Leo for the support and help, he will make video streams of the mod.
I saw some stuff in action in game and i can tell you it's gonna be really amazing!

Hexen forever!

Screenshot of a few 3D models on Sketchfab:
(all the 3D models are done with animations, need a few more textures, the VFX ect..)


  • Nice to see a public announcement! :+1:

    BTW, have you considered setting up some sort of a website for the project? And/or a social media presence, like a Twitter account? Perhaps even a Patreon? These would help drive attention, allow people to follow the progress and give their support, and build momentum.
  • All the assets are done except a few textures so i don't think its needed but maybe a website, twitter page? i don't know...
  • wow ... very impressive and beautiful assets... :o

    a lot of dedication has gone into it..... :)
  • Happy first announcement! Hope we will release it before 2023
  • I made a video of the sketchfab screens of the stuff with the remix of Shadow Wood of Luke Jansen:

    To share it to some friends if you want :3
  • The models look cool. Hope to see them in game.
  • This looks great even at this stage.
    I greatly appreciate the job as long for the last 15 years I kinda check from time to time whether someone has done the complete model pack for Hexen.
    In the case you won't be able to finish the project, please, don't scrap your job, but share the assets with the public.
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    The name ELV was made from the first letters of the founders of the project: Emmanuel, Leo and Veirdo.
  • Wow, those models and assets look absolutely beautiful - I've been waiting for this for so long now.

    Can I please echo the other poster. Every two or three months I check the Doomsday forums in the (usually vain) hope that something new for Hexen might be in the works, and have probably been doing so since around 2004 - ever hoping to see some new models to complete the pack - please do not scrap any of this work if the project, for any reason, cannot be completed.

  • Thanks to Doomsday developer, now we can align objects on maps to face the way we want:
  • like always great looking assets :)

    quick questions...

    a) are you using a speical development build of the engine or just the public build?
    b) are there any performance issues with such detailed models?

  • The Doomsday Engine is constantly growing, and while @skyjake is working on big tasks, sometimes he is kind enough to squeeze in small features. Map objects rotation override script is one of them. We are using unstable builds, but they are all public.
    The performance is at least 2-x faster than for the old md2 models. The new models are calculating on GPU. Also, I'm rewriting all particle effects from scratch with great optimization.
  • Those assets are looking really nice, can't wait to see them in-game. Do you have any thoughts on when you might be able to release them to the community?

    Thanks for the efforts and keep up the amazing work.
  • Not sooner than early 2023 imho (but probably even later)
  • Big Trees with leaves (leaves move on the tree like if there is the wind):
  • are you guys able to show how you do some of the effects? I would love to be able to get the dhmp up to your quality
  • I'm prototyping effects in Maya and then copy-pasting values to a .ded file
    I'm working in Maya using Doomsday world units, so I don't need to convert values.
    This tweet shows Maya and Doomsday viewports

    If I wouldn't be so lazy, I would write a direct converter from Maya to Doomsday using Python.
  • ah
    do you use particles, animated textures, shaders?
    are you able to post some example deds? :)
  • I'm using everything you mentioned: custom shader for VFX, animated textures, and particles. I can't share anything from ELV Project yet. But I can do a video from my older models and share ded.
  • that would be great if you could :)
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    Another video about ELV, the mod is still in the work, nothing much to show for now. Let's see some other 3D models and textures:

  • Looks like you are planning to redo all assets in the game... :smile:

  • 0815Jack wrote: »
    Looks like you are planning to redo all assets in the game... :smile:

    assets and textures
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    The models continue to be excellent.

    One small nitpick though. Your mage model has a clearly visible face, where as the original sprites for the player characters, have no face visible.

  • Looking awesome but as Vermil mentioned the mage face was indeed darkened so you couldn’t see it. My other comment is the Minotaur I know it’s still a WIP but The original you could see it had a neck to it while this one looks crunched. Also the legs should be fuzzy and not look clean shaven. Otherwise I’ve loved everything up to this point. Keep up the great work!
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