is this still being updated it?

is this still getting updates?


  • Yes, there will be updates (barring some catastrophe that prevents me working on the project).

    Here's the plan as it stands currently:

    2.3 will be released as stable before the end of the year.

    Unstable will then go to 3.0 and drop the Qt framework. This is quite an impactful change internally and serves to make Doomsday more "game-like" and less of a desktop app. Dropping Qt will improve performance quite nicely. The new renderer isn't ready for prime time but it will be part of the build.
  • Uh, what's Qt?
  • It’s a pretty large software framework for developing cross-platform apps:

    It is quite easy to work with, but is optimal for actual desktop apps and not 3D games.
  • looking forward to it
  • cool awesome. looking forward using 2.3 an then 3.0.

    takes your guys time. no rush need:)
  • very interesting plan
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