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Current State of Heretic Addons?

Can some kind soul give me a quick update on what addons are available for Heretic (using DE 2.2.1 which I just downloaded and installed!)? It's been a lotta years since I had DE installed/configured but I'm hoping to get involved.
So far I have downloaded the .pk3 available here (dated 2010.09.28) which is actually what I was using the last time I worked with DE! And it does work great! I am wondering if there are other mods/addons, models or textures or whatever.
Seems like there's less activity with Heretic than Doom & Hexen which is a shame, they're all great in their own way and I love Heretic. Unfortunately I'm a coder not a 3D modeler or graphic artist! LOL But if I can contribute in any way I certainly will.

Please let me know if there is anything more available than the 1 pk3 mod I got here. Much appreciated in advance!


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