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Heretic add-on guide

edited 2013 Jan 28 in Heretic
Long time Doom player (still have original box)
(OK had to vent excitement)

Under the Hexen fourm is a nice tutorial for a bunch of Hexen add-ons, almost all of which I cannot find links for on this site, and it works great.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a similar set for Heretic? Also, is there another location that has a lot of the add-ons for Doomsday that include all the games? I'm happy with the Doom add-on on this site, but Heretic and Hexen have only one and the Hexen guide has a bunch more. Does the Heretic Resource Kit, which covers a lot, cover it all? (complete with music, textures, etc.?)

I've searched for the last 2 days and not coming up with much.



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