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  • cool, here is a guide on the style we are going for for the skins

    Also remember we hope to have a realistic skin style as an option as well :)
  • You ask for less-shaded version:



    Give me some criticism before I start doing animation for high resolution sprites.
  • You may not even have to apply shading to it if you have ambient world lighting and shadowing. So giving it shadows might not be necessary.
  • Thats renders. I use that model for making high resolution sprites. When I make lowpoly version I'll try implement it to game.
  • Maybe make a hi poly version :P Low poly is for the 1990s and the N64 + PS1 era.
  • Trust me, Doomsday don't handle that version of Imp :) Too much polys. Even my 3d editor have lags when I try to animate it.
  • The imp looks pretty good, but it's missing the teeth..
  • Reinchard wrote:
    Trust me, Doomsday don't handle that version of Imp :) Too much polys. Even my 3d editor have lags when I try to animate it.
    It will soon, if you wait.
  • It will, when you get Doomsday to run on one of these...


    The Imp looks good. If it's a Mudbox or ZBrush model, retopoing and baking should be pretty straight-forward. I tend to go for around 4 - 6K meshes as it gives enough polys to get a decent outline and allows the mesh to help out the normal maps. It's low enough so that modern computers can chuck a load of models on the screen at the same time (as, yaknow, it's 'Doom' dude!) :D
  • It will, when you get Doomsday to run on one of these...

    Hehe, that won't make a different if the software continues to be written in a way that can't take advantage of the hardware. Purely a software issue with Doomsday.

    Like I told Dani long ago, I can upgrade until I'm blue in the face and it won't make a difference with Doomsday. Just like when I switched from Radeon hd 6870 to a Radeon 290 and it made no difference. Of course because the card was faulty and blacked out crashing the system even with newer drivers, because it was crappy design and many people on many forums complained of the same problem, I sent it back. So for now, I stick with Radeon hd 6870. I also upgraded my rig to 16GB RAM and a Vishira 8 core 4.0 GHz + SSD drive and I still don't notice a difference with Doomsday.

    I don't think the hardware has anything to do with it. Modern computers can run stuff like Crysis 3 with a hell of a lot better detail without slowdown. So making many hi poly imps won't slow it down unless it is because the engine is not up to date only. so I'm not sure why you are saying modern hardware is to blame.
  • Because a ZBrush sculpt can reach anything up to several MILLION polys. You are going to need some seriously bitching hardware to chuck a few of those around in realtime.
  • @gary: Regardless of how much we optimize the model rendering in Doomsday there is zero chance you'll be seeing models with multimillion polygon budgets at a playable frame rate. Even with the most bleeding-edge of enthusiast video card, its just not going to happen.

    Modern games focusing on high quality visuals typically use a polygon budget in the region of 8-14k polys, depending on how many enemies are likely to be on screen at any given time. Usually, this is combined with a level of detail system and of course, normal mapping.

    Compared to modern games, in Doom there can often be three times as many enemies on screen at once (if not more), so consequently the video resource budgets should be scaled back further.
  • Well, maybe someday the hardware will get good and cheap enough to do even that. Some believe that by 2022, a laptop will have the processing power of the human brain. Given enough time, it very well might happen. I imagine people said the same thing about going to the moon or self driving cars.
  • I've no doubt that all of the above will happen someday. In the meantime, however, we must keep in mind the limitations of today's hardware :)
  • It is a shame that the roadmap and predictions of what is to come and the goal for each future release is no longer in the wiki.
  • We moved the Roadmap over to Redmine as its easier for us to manage and automates some tasks we were previously having to do manually.
  • Small progress. I have finished low poly version and skeleton for animation. Skin is placeholder. Still without teeth.


  • after playing some Brutal Doom, just imagine the fun factor of this if combining such models with such behavior. It would be off the charts. More interesting with models than sprites.
  • Looks good. Do you think it could look more angry? Nice anatomy.
  • Something like that?

    I have some special bones to animate his face. BTW, here is some quick test for one of the classic frames of Imp:
  • haha, it is difficult to imagine its death animation, but it will be better than what we have now, most likely, hoping you do add death animations and damage stages.
  • I'm make some quick test of walk animation. This one looks little strange, because is precisely based on original Imp animation (there are some problem with this - not every frame are correct each other, look at original Doom frames of Imp and you will see some inconsistencies in the position of the arms and legs). So, this walk animation is based on original frames:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47ZjcbB ... e=youtu.be
  • That looks nice and real though as far as frames go. Seeing this in Doom would feel neat.
  • Great to see you are at the animation stage reinchard.
    This website has helped me with animation.

    Also, did you want to take a look at one of my models i have rigged for animation to see how i have done it? I can send it through to you if you want. (tea_monster and I work on the bone rigging, weight painting, movement restrictions, and animation together)
  • Yes, why not. I'm use biped skeleton for my animation. Did Doomsday use skeletal animation?
  • Deng Team have began to roll out a beta of a new model renderer, that adds many new features, including skeletal animation.

    The currently released details of the new renderer (and associated wiki links) can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=24&t=1873#topic
  • Reinchard wrote:
    Yes, why not. I'm use biped skeleton for my animation. Did Doomsday use skeletal animation?
    In short, it does as of today.
  • Reinchard wrote:
    Yes, why not. I'm use biped skeleton for my animation. Did Doomsday use skeletal animation?
    Uploading my baron now, will have to post it tmorrow for you
  • Thanks for opinion guys. This is still early wip. But I'm made some other test - this time I use attack frames. I try to set my skeleton in exactly the same pose as original sprite on every angle, but as before there are some inconsistencies between frames, not big, but it was not always possible to set skeleton in the same position as original, because original imp frames are drawn by hand I think. This time I notice some silly leg movements. I'll do something with time between frames to get his hitting look dynamically then this.

    Here's my frames set (based on original as far as this is possible):

    Some of this have ugly seams, but this skin is unfinished yet.

    And here's how it looks in motion :)
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