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2009 Jun 6
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Jan 18, 06:37
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  • PaddyMac
    In other words, games and such are supposed to ship with the library. He doesn't want end users coming to his site and downloading the library. Is it possible to include Fmod with Doomsday? I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is "no". I've run through the scenario in my head and can see multiple issues with doing so. While I see no inherent issue with supporting Fmod as an option, due to Fmod's licensing issues and the developer's uncooperativeness, it may be best to migrate to an open source library with comparable functionality.
    2017 Jun 23
  • PaddyMac
    Hi skyjake. I wanted to message you directly because I wanted to be a little more frank about something than I might in a public post. Though perhaps a public discussion might be later warranted. In any case, I'll get to the point. Fmod Ex is no longer available on the official website. Only Fmod Studio is available, and it is necessary to register and login to download it. It is not possible to link directly to the files. Doomsday does not ship with any version of Fmod. So I emailed the support department. Actually it appears that the company is a one-man show run by Brett Paterson. I didn't mention Doomsday, but mentioned the need for end users of open source software to have convenient access to the library, and I asked about directly linking to files and regaining access to legacy versions of Fmod.

    To put it nicely, Brett was not very helpful. There is a clause in the current FMOD EULA that requires FMOD to be distributed only as "integrated into a product".
    2017 Jun 23
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    2017 Mar 5