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[Build514: Hexen Coop] Player Stucks

at the map "Darkmere" the player gets stuck when you walk over the crush-trap,
pressing the fire button to respawn wont work as you will not die by the trap and stuck forever in it.
(win7 x64 using doomsday_1.9.9_build514 - Multiplayer Hexen Coop).
dont know if this bug is also at the stable version, maybe someone can test it.


  • Acorrding to the MP bug list, crushers don't currently work in any game.

    Hence if you get hit by an instant death crusher in HeXen in MP, you will currently not die and instead likely become stuck.
  • as i see in the MP bug list, there is not the bug with the warp/teleport ?

    when both players warp in Doom Coop Multiplayer through the same teleporter
    (first player walkes trough and second player immediately follows him)
    then the first player gets sometimes killed.
  • Because players telefraging eachother (and also players telefragging monsters) is the intended behaviour.

    If you want to request an option to prevent players telefragging eachother in co-op, you could always submit a feature request.
  • Telefragging in ZDaemon DM got me laughing so hard I was pouring tears...
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