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[Build504: DOOM2 co-op] Segmentation Violation

edited 2012 May 21 in Technical Support
got a "Segmentation Violation Error" while playing with KuriKai today :P
(win7 x64 using doomsday_1.9.9_build504)


  • and...
    - build504 ultimate doom coop in multiplayer is freezing at start in multiplayer (hanging domsday-engine screen).
    - build504 heretic coop in multiplayer your own player (picture) is stuck at the game (after die and respawn ?)
    - build504 hexen coop in multiplayer MAP03 hangs (coop server crash after exit ^^)
  • got another "Segmentation Violation Error" on doom2 (see attachment)
  • Thanks for reporting. As such there is nothing in the logs that would explain why it crashed; a developer will just have to go in with a debugger and see if we can reproduce the crash under similar circumstances.

    Note: I just fixed the deng MP server. It was stuck with a full HD.
  • played 3 to 4 games then it crashed.
    first crash was at the map "Barrels o' Fun" (MAP23) -> jumped over the barrels at start of map
    second crash was at the map "The Chasm" (MAP24). -> ?
  • I spent some time yesterday evening playing co-op with ACiDPREMiUM on the DOOM2 MP server. There was no crash while I was there however I made note of various things that were not working expectedly (which I've added to the 1.9.9 to-do list).
  • is it normal that when you fire the rocket launcher in build504 ultimate doom deathmatch in multiplayer
    and then walk forward you can kill yourself, as you walk faster then rocket. so it shoots in your neck.

    also at the map "the factory" (build504 ultimate doom coop in multiplayer)
    the big brain (left site at spawn ?) with the machine gun does not hurt you even if you stand in front of him.

    doom2 and ultimate doom servers "grey doomsday engine logo" hanging after last map.
    does not start after last map from the beginning ?
  • I saw a load of lag as well. I was playing with ACiDPREMiUM and I had to run around the BFG before it would 'click' and I could pick it up.

    Then I too got spamed by my own rockets once or twice. I also had noticeable pauses between pulling the trigger and the weapon going off.

    I'm on Windows 7 64.
  • segmentation violation reproduce:

    i have mess around with the settings at 1.9.8 build500 (stable).
    when u set in stettings/developer the "verbose messages" to Level 2 the engine will crash (attachment added).
    at Level 1 (-v ?) it only frezzes at start sometimes.
  • I can reproduce that verbose level 2 crash with Doom 2 on OS X. Investigating...
  • on doom2 coop multiplayer using 1.9.8 build 500:
    at map "the crusher" hell-night-enemies do not die if you put the switch on (wall should normaly crush them).
    at map tricks and traps the enemies do not see you and freeze.
    edit: now the server messed up at secret map wolfenstein ? now cant even pick up anything ^^
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