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Curse of the Invisible IWAD

Hello folks,

At least this is straightforward. Fresh version of Doomsday 2.0.3 on a recent, up-to-date Windows 10 install. I've had Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders on Steam for a good while, but I still did an uninstall, install and launched it once.

Nevertheless, Doomsday doesn't see an IWAD when I point it at \Steamapps\Common\Heretic Shadow of the Serpent Riders\base . Even though the HERETIC.WAD file is most certainly there. Along with HERETIC.EXE, the dosbox resources, etc..

What should I do (beyond wail in despair and curse the Serpent Riders, of course) ?



  • I suppose it is possible that your HERETIC.WAD is some unexpected version that Doomsday doesn't recognize. Could you check what is the exact size of the file in bytes?

    Also might be worth a try to copy that HERETIC.WAD to another folder and tell Doomsday to load it from there?
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    Hey Jake,

    Copying HERETIC.WAD on my desktop = no change.

    The Properties window for said iwad says :
    Size: 14,189.976 bytes
    Size on disk: 14,192.640 bytes

    My Steam version of Heretic comes with Dosbox 0.71, if that helps giving a sense of which files version I have.

    Ta !

    Edit - oh yes. And the store page associated with the game in my Steam library is , which AFAIK is the standard.
  • Hello,

    Just checking in about this WAD issue.


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    Based on the file size, it sounds like the right file. Of course, to be absolutely sure an MD5 checksum would be needed. (For example using

    Your HERETIC.WAD should have the MD5 checksum: 66d686b1ed6d35ff103f15dbd30e0341

    Do you happen to have a Windows username with any special characters? They shouldn't generally be an issue, though. You might try copying the HERETIC.WAD to a folder like "C:\IWADs\" and using that as your Doomsday IWAD folder.

    Also, have you tried the unstable 2.1 builds? The IWAD identification rules have been updated in the 2.1 version.
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    Strange, Doomsday does find my Heretic from Steam, it can also find base Hexen, but the Hexen Deathkings expansion it can't find.

    Edit: Build 2829 does find the Deathkings addon.
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