Mouse problem -- Roccat Burst Pro, Gentoo Linux

I'm having a problem where, when I move the mouse (Roccat Burst Pro) in any direction, the view moves up and to the left. When it gets as high as it can go, then it just spins around to the left. It doesn't matter which game. If I plug in a different mouse -- of the most basic cheap kind -- it's ok. Is there some setting I can tweak to fix this behavior? This is on an up-to-date Gentoo Linux system running DE v2.3.0. Log attached.


  • Is there some setting I can tweak to fix this behavior
    Sorry, there are no settings that would help with this particular issue, apart from disabling mouse input entirely (e.g., -nomouse). In Doomsday 2.3, mouse (cursor) positioning is handled via Qt and the application has no low-level direct control to how exactly it is done.

    Unfortunately, your only option here is to not use that particular mouse.
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