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Wonders and Mysteries of the M1 – Doomsday Blog

edited Jan 9, 07:58 in News

Wonders and Mysteries of the M1 – Doomsday Blog

Doomsday Blog

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  • I wish you the same patience as guy has in this video: no anger, no screams, no emotions, no any bad words, he just said "nice shot, son"

    By watching videos like this you start thinking it's easy, but when real things came to your life, you understand that it is not easy. I know this by myself. Logically you can understand "they are just kids, it's impossible for them to understand full impact of what they really did", but emotions or "temporary state of trance when you thinking about something else with high priority" can turn your logic off (for example you are busy at work and son asking you some questions - it's hard to calm down and asnwer without emotions)

    So it's very high skill level to stay with logic in these kind of situations

    P.S. Same is related to pets, they also have a big chance to turn on emitions inside you (and turn off logic) when breaking something
  • Can’t wait to test a new M1 build!
  • veirdo wrote: »
    Can’t wait to test a new M1 build!

    M1 is your main device too? Even for personal usage?
  • No, it's for traveling. But it's also powerful enough for work. Unfortunately, not much software adapted yet for my workflow.
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