doomsday command line

is it possible to disable Doomsday UI and just use doomsday with command line to launch game and mods? I would like to use it to launch it with another frontend.
Thank you for your help.


  • Yes, that is possible. The game library UI is skipped if you specify which game/profile to use with the "-game" option. You can see a list of the game IDs to use with "-game" using the listgames console command.

    If you've set up a custom game profile, that can also be loaded:
    -game "My Custom Game"

    The original "-file" option is still available for loading PWADs, etc.
  • ok, nice and last questioon: is it possible to compile Doomsday without graphic interface? If I remember it needs QT libraries? Is it optionnal?
  • There is a CMake build option (DENG_ENABLE_GUI) for disabling the client and other GUI stuff, so basically building only the server and the games. You'll still need Qt.
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