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Brightness controls doesn't work.


Looks like nothing happens when you try to adjust brightness, contrast and gamma. I have AMD R9 Fury and latest drivers with 2.3 unstable (latest version) and Win10 with latest updates.

It's annoying try to play very dark game.


  • I can reproduce the issue in Windows 10.
  • Cool, hopefully we'll get a fix.
  • I did some testing and research, and this may be due to a bug in Windows 10. This article mentions that the API Doomsday is using is affected by a glitch:

    I'm running version 1909 myself, but it misbehaves similarly.

    The only recourse may be to replace this use of the Windows API with a custom shader that does the color mapping when Doomsday is updating its window. That could be worthwhile anyway in the name of increased portability.

    Added tracker issue:
  • In 2.3 (3321), the principle of adjustment was changed. This, of course, is good, but what about the adjustments for the title screen, automap, etc?
  • For now the color adjustments only work for the 3D game view. I'll need to think of another way of applying them to the title screen and other views.

    IMO, the 3D view is where this feature is needed 99% of the time, so having it affect the rest of the game's graphics is a nice-to-have but not high priority for now.
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