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Bugs of the original Heretic engine and Doomsday

Are there any plans to fix bugs that got on doomsday from the original Heretic engine?
1. The one-time teleport linedef is deactivated if it is crossed from the back, although teleportation, of course, does not occur.
2. It is impossible to open a door if there is an linedef for some other action in front of the door.
3. There is a door. From my side, it opens with the action "D1 open stay", on the reverse side it opens with the action "DR open wait close". I open the door of D1, monsters are running at me, but they can’t go through the door, since I do not let them in, but they activate DR. After some time, I kill all the monsters, the door closes, and I can no longer open it. DR is not activated if monsters easily go through the door, only if for some reason they can’t go through the door.
4. It is impossible to lower a sector if there is a monster on it, the height of the height is greater than the height of the sector. The sector will lower if the monster is killed.


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    In general, I rank fixing of vanilla bugs pretty low. You're welcome to submit them to the bug tracker, though, preferably one bug per issue. The more concretely the bug is described, the better.

    If you attach a small test map that demonstrates the issue, it will greatly increase the chances for a fix. This saves me the time to try to reproduce the bug with a test map of my own, and I might not fully understand/succeed in reproducing the right circumstances.

    Alternatively, if the bug appears in a vanilla Heretic map, the exact coordinates will suffice.
  • svlsvl
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    I don’t write a bug tracker because I’m afraid to make a mistake in identifying bugs, maybe this is not a bug but a feature, as it was with the return from the secret level. But I'll try. I do not know English well, and I can’t describe the bug better. I can not attach a test card, the forum does not allow.
  • svlsvl
    edited 2019 Dec 29
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