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Getting Doomsday 2.2 Games to Play

I had version 1.9?? running on XP PRO and i worked. Upgraded to Win 7 Pro so I could run Stream and Doomsday. I can't figure out howto load IWADS and games in to ver. _2.2.0_64x. I read the manual tried copying game files to folders and WAD files to were they to go according to the manual. I am no computer expert but I can usually figure what needs to be one out. I have doom II ver.1.7 diskettes and the Master Levels for Doom II CD. The CD has 100 WAD's were to I copy them too? How do I select the WAD I want to play? Need a folder structure were all of the WAD's should and for the games. I try to Select WADS and or Configure Data files. Under data files the Doom2 WAD listed. Copied the game to another folder this folder and the folder where the Doom2 WAD is are listed in data are listed in Data files to search. The Kick program in the older XP version was simple. Thank you for you understanding and HELP!


  • I copied iwad to the "data" doomsday folder, put pk3 with resources there too. I have pwad's in a separate folder, it needs to be specified in the settings by clicking the "Data files" button. Resources from 1.9 may not work, check out the new ones here
  • Perhaps the problem is that Doomsday 2.2 does not recognize Doom II v1.7 IWADs. The currently recognized versions are 1.666, 1.8, 1.9, and the BFG edition.

    I will add this version of Doom II to the list of known IWADs, so upcoming versions of Doomsday will find it.

    In the meantime, you can select any IWAD to use if you create a custom game profile.
    1. Go the Doom tab in the game library, and scroll to the bottom of the list.
    2. Click on the Doom tab's (+) New Profile button.
    3. Give a name to the profile "DOOM 2 v1.7".
    4. Click on the "Data File: Default game data" button to select the IWAD to use.
    5. A popup listing all the IWADs appears. By default this list shows the recognized data files, i.e., the search keyword is "gamedata". Click on the search field and replace the search term with "iwad". This will show all the unrecognized IWADs instead. You should be able to see your DOOM2.WAD on the list now.
    6. Click on the IWAD and a Select button appears. Click on Select.
    7. Click "Create" to finish creating the profile.
    8. Now you can launch your Doom II v1.7 IWAD by launching the profile you created.

    When it comes to selecting PWADs to use, check out the Mods page in the manual.
  • I believe there is both V1.7 and V1.7a of Doom2.
  • Vermil wrote: »
    I believe there is both V1.7 and V1.7a of Doom2.
    Build 3281 detects both of these, although unfortunately the differences are so minute that Doomsday's WAD recognition does not see a difference between them.

    I've added this issue to the tracker:
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