Doomsday 2.2 released – Doomsday Blog

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Doomsday 2.2 released – Doomsday Blog

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  • Final stable build 2.2.0 now available!

    If you happen to encounter any new bugs, please submit them to the bug tracker for upcoming 2.2.x patches.
  • Congratulations. 20 years on a project - this is impressive. I am looking forward for the even-more-impressive version 3.0.
    Happy Holidays.
  • So today, 18 DEC is birthday of Doomsday engine?
  • Well, as far as the name goes, 18 December is the day. The actual first release of all the games running on Doomsday was June 5th, 2000.
  • Congratulations on the milestone release.
  • Congrats to 20 years!
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    I remember the post about splitting stuff into seperate game DLL's. I used to bug you by e-mail to add in MD2 (!) models back in the day. Those 20 years sure flew by...
  • They sure did! Glad to hear folks from the beginning are still hanging around. :+1:
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