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How to increase mouse sensitivity on Linux?

Hello! I'm new to the forums. I installed Doomsday because GZDoom kept crashing for some reason. However after using it for a while now I like Doomsday more! But mouse sensitivity is really low and I can't increase it. Old posts say on the options menu there is an input section but it is no longer there. Instead there is stuff like video, audio and network. How can I increase mouse sensitivity? I'm using Linux distro is Zorin OS. Thank you.


  • Okay fixed it. You gotta do it in-game. Sorry guys I didn't see the show taskbar option on the in game options menu... oops.
  • :+1:

    Some of the settings are a bit quirky like this because they are in effect with different values per game plugin. For mouse input, this probably makes little sense since you'll be using the same setup for all the games anyway... Something to improve in the future.

    Note that you can bring up the taskbar anytime, also when a game is running, by pressing Shift+Escape.
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