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Hi guys, I put together a quick DED file for John Romero’s SIGIL.WAD.

This contains the following:
  • episode 5 map sequence
  • "SIGIL" added to menu
  • new sky and music
  • endgame text after E5M8

Note that this is with the full "non-compat" version of Sigil, and I only did a bit of playtesting so some things may still not work. Let me know how it goes!


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    Thanks for the ded.
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    No problem. :smile:

    Note that it will still show warnings about the SIGIL.WAD MAPINFO failing to parse correctly, because it is in an unsupported format... The warnings can be ignored.
  • how do we use this file?

    I'm on Windows Doomsday 2.1.1
  • Check out the Mods section in the Manual:

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I can improve the manual page accordingly.
  • Well, I tried loading both files as addons using the GUI and i get an error:

  • Sigil v1.2 is being worked on now and one of the things on the agenda to do is to add the ded files for Doomsday. No doubt with Skyjake's sigil.ded it has made that part of the new version much easier. The present version of Sigil is 1.1.

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    @Makaki "Intermission background" was added in the recent 2.2 unstable builds. You can remove that line from the DED file and it should work with 2.1.

    I'll update the DED file accordingly.

    EDIT: New version of the DED is now available, please download it again.
  • What do you do with DED files under linux? Tried putting it in the .wad directory but doesn't work. The GUI in the mods guide is Windows.
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    On Linux, the default runtime folder is "~/.doomsday/runtime/", so you could put the DED there.

    Having the DED file in the WAD directory should also work, but you still need to select both the SIGIL.wad and the sigil.ded to be loaded in a game via the GUI.

    In the terminal, you can use:
    doomsday -g doom1-ultimate -file SIGIL.wad sigil.ded
  • I haven't yet played both compat and non-compat all the way. But using cheats to get the rotation going I can note following differences:

    * Episode selection / Episode name seems better algined in non-compat version.
    * Warp command doesn't work as expected? "warp 5 8" fails. "warp sigil 8" does work however. Would be "warp 3 8" on compat version.
    * This also affects idclev cheat. However, I didn't test writing "sigil8" just "58". "38" works for compat version.
    * End text looks different. The background is different. And non-compat has some weird spacing not present in compat-version. Spacing looks better in compat version.
    * Non-compat doesn't seem to trigger bunny and "the end" equivalent. Compat does show it with corresponding new artwork.

    So far, it seems compat version is working better. But like I've said, I haven't compared inside each of the levels. I was using the leavemap cheat command to quickly go thru them.
  • @Makaki Thanks for testing.

    When it comes to the warp command, it's either "warp 8" to go to E5M8 if you're already playing episode 5, or you should use the full name: "warp e5m8".

    I'll need to update the ending animation and text and use the correct background pictures. The ending is fully defined in the DED.
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    In the terminal, you can use:
    doomsday -g doom1-ultimate -file SIGIL.wad sigil.ded
    I had to use the SIGIL_COMPAT.wad file instead but it worked! I only see one new episode though "SIGIL" in place of the 3rd episode. It's odd because I still see the old 1st, 2nd, and 4th episodes from the original game.
  • SIGIL_COMPAT replaces the 3rd episode on purpose. This way it can be loaded with source ports (e.g. Crispy Doom) that do not support adding a 5th episode. That's why it called "COMPAT" to make it "compatible" with those. SIGIL.wad was made for GZDoom (and other source ports that use the same definition format). There it'll show up as a 5th episode.
  • SIGIL 1.2 is now available!!!
  • Now, SIGIL 1.21 is available.
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    1.21 no longer appears to require the ded above. I looked at it in Slade and it looks like Mr Romero has added a DD_DEFNS entry to the wad that wasn't there in 1.1. Eitherway... seems to be working pretty well for me both with the ded and sigil 1.1 and without with sigil 1.21 (using the non-compat wad).
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    I ended up stuck on the end screen after mission 2, I will try with the compat wad next time.

    You can test quickly with the leavemap command.

    re-tested both
    compat worked
    regular one, got stuck after mission 2
  • Thanks for the interesting information.

    What Operating System, version of Doomsday and graphics driver are you using?
  • windows 10 64bit (1903)
    nvidia 436.30
    doomsday 2.1.1
    sigil 1.21
  • Version 1.21 seems to be working for me, and indeed produced a Sigil entry; however, the old Sigil entry is still there, producing 2 Sigils, only the newer one working of course.

    Does anyone know how to remove that entry?
  • Are you still loading my sigil.ded as well? With 1.21, I think it should be enough to just load the WAD itself.
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    Okay, so it seems like others have reported the standard Sigil 1.21 locks up after finishing level 2 and it should be starting level 3.

    So I went with the compat version; strangely, instead of Sigil becoming the fifth episode with the bloody lettering, Sigil overwrites Inferno and uses different lettering.

    Do others have the same issue? And is it meant to do that? Is there a way to get the compat to be a fifth episode like the standard .wad?
  • Looking into some compatibility issues with v1.21:
  • Are those changes put in the 3254 build? Or do they still have to be put in a new build/release? Because 3254 didn't change anything. Level 3 still won't load in the standard wad, and the compat wad still overwrites Inferno.
  • The fixes are in 3255.
  • Yep, it's working, now in level 3.
  • Any chanse to run Sigil multiplayer game, how?
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