"Doom Neural Upscale 2X"

I came across this today: https://kotaku.com/hd-doom-is-looking-very-nice-1830996796

Which led me here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/99021-v-0-95-doom-neural-upscale-2x/

I wonder how hard it would be to get this working for the Doomsday Engine...


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    To make the mod work with Dday is just a matter of renaming the folders to match Dday's structure.

    Textures go in 'data/jdoom/textures', flats in 'data/jdoom/flats' and sprites go in 'data/jdoom/patches'.
  • Thanks Vermil, this is the first thing I have seen in awhile to get me excited for another Doom run. High resolution sprites has been one of things that has seemed out of reach but this project seems very promising ;)
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    Anyone modified the pack for Doomsday? There's a whole host of stuff there I don't recognize as a texture, a flat, or a sprite.

    And do you need to create separate directories for doom/doom2 etc, or can they all be dumped in one place?

    What about a monster in it's own directory; put the directory in patches or just the sprites? Kan Doomsday recognize the file names, or do they need to be changed?
  • Sorry to come in hot necroposting, but wanted to bump this.
    I found a (possibly unofficial?) Neural Upscale 2.0 in the Project SIDE thread, which I hope to test out tonight!
    If we could convert it to DEngine, that would be pretty sweet!

    Project SIDE thread:
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