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What’s new in 2.1

edited 2018 Nov 26 in News
What’s new in 2.1

Version 2.1 is now feature complete. While I originally hoped to focus on multiplayer-related enhancements in this release, it turned out a little differently. Roughly speaking the first half of 20…

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  • Nice to hear that some updates are coming, great job!
  • @skyjake

    System = "This is a system account and does not represent a real person."

    Why did you create this identity in the first place instead of posting under your alias skyjake? At first I thought there is actually another real person who had joined the development team.
  • :) I think that is a feature of the Forums integration. The post was made on the Wordpress blog and there is a plug-in that automatically mirrors it here on the forums when comments are posted.

    I don’t think this can be changed at the moment.
  • The future is nigh, Robots are taking over. :D
  • Turns out I can rename the System account. Let's see if this breaks the auto-mirror feature, though. :)
  • You are Neo. B)
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