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Public canada server

Hello everyone,

I'm running some doom/heretic/hexen server in canada, just want to let everyone know.

If there is any issues or suggestions, please write it in this thread :)

For now, there is only 1 server due to a bug in linux regarding advertised custom port, but I plan to move the server to a windows computer while it's being fixed. I will run about 12 differents servers.

Custom Doom megawads will be :

Doom The Way id Did
Doom 2 The Way id Did
Plutonia 2
Plutonia Remasterized.

Server is running the 2.1 version.

Have fun !


  • Everything should be up now.
  • edited 2019 Mar 19
    I added 4 megawads of 30-32 level each.

    Memento Mori
    Memento Mori II

    edit : added a couple more ...
  • Hi there, is it possible to use high resolution texture models on multiplayer ?
  • edited 2019 Mar 17
    Hi there, is it possible to use high resolution texture models on multiplayer ?
    Yes, it is possible.

    However, some resource packs modify game data in ways that require the server and every player to use the same resources. But if a resource pack contains purely visual changes, one player can use the resources locally even if nobody else is.

    Due to these issues, local multiplayer mods must be first enabled with a client-side setting:

    ⚙︎ > Network > Local Multiplayer Mods → enable

    Before joining a game, right-click the server in the Multiplayer game list. This opens a white popup with information about the server. There should now be a Local Mods button enabled in the popup, where you can select which mods to load locally before joining the server.
  • woah fantastic this is sexual :D

    There appears to be more than one model pack which is best ?

    Thanks for the help!
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