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Status Update

edited 2018 May 10 in Developers

imageStatus Update

The spring months have been a little crazy with various Real Life time sinks preventing me from delving too deep into fun coding. Consequently, there has been little to no progress with the tasks o…

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  • Will md2 models (for example xarp) be compatible with new renderer?

    Anyway, good luck with implementing, can't wait to see it working:) Hope it will increase performance and fps
  • The 3D model renderer is largely independent from the rest of the rendering, so it is possible to retain the old code that draws the MD2 models. This will be the solution for backwards compatibility when it comes to older model packs.

    While Assimp supports MD2 models to some degree, I don't plan to spend much time adding support for them in the new 3D model renderer (the animation systems are quite different).
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