Heretic Blood & Magic particle mod

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Partice mod for Heretic demonstration is here. The quality is low, sorry.
I used Reshade in video.

Download &nd Magic fx v0.5.rar?dl=0


  • Cool effects! :+1:

    Is the mod available for downloading somewhere?
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    I'm not sure I'd have the phoenix rod explosion throw fire everywhere like that; people may be confused as to whether the fire causes damage or not.

    To be nitpicky I'd also say the Dragon claw explosion would look better if the particles didn't live for so much time after the sprite has disappeared.

    A lot of Heretic's missile explosion sprites simply shrink and/or fade. I've always wondered whether at least some of these sprites could be replaced with smooth scaling textured particles.

    Something else to consider is that DDay also allows you to attach sounds to particles :)
    Sound = ""; 
    Volume = 1.0; 
    Hit Sound = ""; 
    Hit Volume = 1.0;
  • Dowload link added.
  • i just came across this !! will this work for the doom games also or b e made to work also?
  • Is there an option for decent amount of blood?

    Or simply modify the .ded
  • So, how do I get this to work in Doomsday? I zipped up the pk3 thing and renamed it to .pk3 but what to do with the .ini? Also Doomsday doesn't even recognized the pk3 file.
  • The .ini is for ReShade, a graphics post-processing utility for Windows.

    I believe the files in the .rar above are meant to be loaded as part of a modified libheretic.pk3, i.e., one would need to unzip libheretic.pk3, replace the files from the .rar, and re-zip it back together.
  • Rather convoluted.
  • Agreed, I don't recommend this as a way to distribute mods. :smile:
  • How can I get this to work in doomsday engine?
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