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The road to mobile

edited 2017 May 28 in Developers

imageThe road to mobile

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks experimenting with an iOS port of Doomsday. This is now at a proof-of-concept level and not playable yet. It isn’t quite the right time to continue m…

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  • Sounds awesome, Great to hear about the rendering,
  • >>they are also great because they force you to really think about performance >>optimizations and utilizing the hardware to its fullest. This kind of work will >>benefit Doomsday on all platforms.

    Nice! Good luck in implementation!
  • Thanks! :smile:

    My plan regarding the OpenGL 3 rendering is to introduce it soon into the unstable builds, even though it will have a short-term performance penalty. Optimizations will anyway have to be done later before the 2.1 stable release. The important part is that all the progress so far isn't parked in a work branch and forgotten about...
  • Good:) Also, saying about unstable builds, you reminded me one thing: one important viewer/subscriber asked me to stream hexen in next month, so I'm interested, when do you plan new stable release, for example 2.0.2 ?
  • This looks really awesome! :)
  • Performance improvements will be cool :)
  • theleo_ua wrote: »
    I'm interested, when do you plan new stable release, for example 2.0.2 ?
    I have been a bit busy (and traveling) this month, so there hasn't been time to prepare 2.0.2 for June 1st. I should have time in June, though, so 2.0.2 should come out on July 1st at the latest, or earlier if important fixes are done before that.
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