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Addons/Hires/pk3 files!?

edited 2016 Jun 15 in General
So since this new version doesn't have the Snowberry fronted; and every bloody tutorial here and elsewhere is about using the Snowberry ftontend; how in blazing hells do I load the addons in the newest version?

I see packages in the profile thing; is that it? How am I supposed to use it? What are those packages already present? Why does the package appear on the left after I click it? Do I actually have to manually type in the entire path to the file and its filename? Never heard of the "browse" functionality?


  • Since you are using Unstable builds, please understand they are a work in progress. I'm currently working on the UI and it will still be undergoing changes.
    3DMaster wrote:
    I see packages in the profile thing; is that it? How am I supposed to use it?
    Yep, that is it.

    The Packages section of the Home (on the far right) shows you all the available add-ons.

    When you click on the "box" icon on a game profile, you can pick which add-ons will be loaded when the profile is started. First you locate the add-on on the list on the right and then click the Plus icon. The add-on is then listed on the left to indicate that it has been selected for loading.
    3DMaster wrote:
    What are those packages already present?
    If you post a screenshot, I can elaborate on what you're seeing there.
    3DMaster wrote:
    Do I actually have to manually type in the entire path to the file and its filename?
    No. The text box is for searching by keyword. You would typically only enter a letter or two to narrow down the list of packages.

    In the current unstable builds, there are two ways to let Doomsday know where you have add-ons on your hard drive:
    • Place the add-on files somewhere in your runtime folder, or a subfolder of your runtime folder. (The runtime folder is where your savegames and doomsday.out log file is written, among other files.)
    • Advanced users can specify an arbitrary path using the "-packs" command line option.
    In the near future I will add a GUI for easily locating your add-on files if Doomsday doesn't already know where are.

    I kindly advise you to use the older Stable builds if the functionality in the 2.0 unstable builds does not meet your needs yet.
  • There's no doomsday.out file; and I have no idea what the format of the savegames are, nor where they are stored. I put them in with the doomsday executable, and it does not find them there.

    The packages it shows present are two different test model things, and a jdrp; which is an entirely different one form the jdrp1.01, because they don't do anything. They seem to be just empty files.

    And, I don't even know why you would need a separate GUI, Doomsday is gui enough as it is; just give it the ability to load multiple wad directories without unloading the previous wad (directory); and allow one to brows to the add-on packages; and it would work just about perfect from what I can see.
  • At this time I recommend using version 1.15.8 and its separate launcher frontend. It doesn't have the best UI design but it will at least work.

    When using 1.15.8, your runtime files and doomsday.out log will be saved the "Doomsday Frontend" folder under your Documents.

    Add-on loading isn't quite working in the 2.0 builds yet (but it should soon be).
  • I love the look of the new in engine GUI in 2.0 for loading addons. I look forward to it actually working. ;-)
  • For what it's worth... the new UI in DE2 may not be perfect yet, but I haven't had any problems loading/using packs or pwads. Granted I haven't done in-depth testing of the pack selection UI because I'm using a pk3 (jHRP v2.0) which I simply copied into the run-time folder data\jHeretic\Auto. And for pwads, I simply use the load command from the DE cmd line. I'm sure there may be an easier way but this is simple and it works fine.

    No offense mate but it sounds like you are expecting an awful lot from a FREE gaming platform as advanced as DE and with as much ongoing development effort as is currently underway. DE2 may not be perfect yet, but DE is and has been for many years an incredibly advanced and well-crafted piece of software. And oh yeah, FREE.

    /just sayin' :-)
  • But I'm not asking for more; I'm asking for less. I'm saying it doesn't require an entire separate front end; this will work just fine; and nothing full on extra is needed.

    If DE can have multiple games loaded via a front end, and/or startup parameters clearly it has the functionally to have multiple games/wad directories loaded; also shown by the multiple games it shows on its start/homepage when running. So all you have to do is change a global function for choosing to wad directories, to tie choosing a wad directory function to each individual game. (Which also already exists, those games are already clickable and options already show up; just add the wad directory option.)

    Similar with the package directories; if a front end allows you to load up packages in whatever directory you want; and using the above function load them for multiple games; clearly the function for having those packages loaded from a custom directory exists; now all you have to do is tie in a standard windows function "browse", call to it; let you brows to those directories.

    And presto, no need program an entire separate front end. Most of the work is just shifting already existing functionality and options to a better position. All the functionality is already there, all it needs is a slight streamlining of the user interface.
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