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Focus adjustments

edited 2016 Apr 3 in News
<div id="bridgedd"> <div class="excerpt-title">This is a blog excerpt.  <a href=""; target="_blank">Read Full Article</a> </div> <br /> I took a good look at the project roadmap in the Tracker and decided it was time to do some spring cleaning.
I've now updated the plan for the 2.x releases so that each version has a specific focus. For instance, the 2.0 release will focus on the Home UI and basic package management, and the 2.1 release will focus on multiplayer improvements.
While the roadmap is just a plan and plans may always change, defining a clear focus area for each version will help in pushing things forward. Not doing this would mean that each release has the risk of ballooning ... </div>


  • I have read a new roadmap, but there are nothing about particle system. Does it mean that we can't use particles until a very distant future?
  • I haven't scheduled any particle related tasks yet, but I would place most of them in the 2.2 release. That would include a revamp of how particles are rendered.

    However, since that is quite far away, in the meantime we could at least implement the essential particle generator integration for the new model renderer.
  • Which to me begs the question; what exactly was/is in Brutal Doom that it was incompatible with Doomsday, and if you're going to mess with the particles and rendering related stuff anyway, is it possible to make it compatible?
  • Brutal Doom makes very heavy use of ZDoom specific modding features that would either need to be rewritten for Doomsday's modding features or are simply not currently possible with Doomsday's modding features.
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