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Doom Lamp

edited 2015 Jan 26 in Addons for DOOM
hello people of the forums i have something to show you and yes i did post it in the DMP2 but this time i have fixed it up and at this point i am getting the uv's and normals done. the UV's are a right pain. will update this thread as i progress and also i am new to this so any criticism is welcome.

doom%20lamp%201.png First Wip Hi poly


  • It is good people are making next gen assets for Doom. It will be interesting to see the future of Doomsday with all new models and effects.
  • i still have no idea what i am doing. lol but i do have a uv. don't know if it's a good one tho but i have it.
  • I suggest you do not care about uv's on a highpoly model. Instead of that you need to add some details on a a lamp. There need some seams where metal parts meet the glass, there need some fasteners also. It's good to have a concept art or live reference for that.
    That one for example
  • good luck, you modelling it in blender?

    If you do want it to go into the dmp2, then you will need to do it in team fortress 2 texture style, As I believe it fits in with the style of the low res doom sprites.
  • KuriKai wrote:
    you will need to do it in team fortress 2 texture style, As I believe it fits in with the style of the low res doom sprites.
    If you are an art style keeper Kurikai, you need to have a proof for that. You need to have at least one reference model for DOOM game for a: monster, prop, background.
    Personally I didn't think that the original DOOM art style have any connections with the TF2 style, but the new models can be applied with that.
    Any game project have their own documented art guides, so if you want to apply to an Art Director burden, you need to describe it on a wiki for artists.
  • ah but you say do not care about UV's but i say yes to caring about them as in the link you posted in the DMP2 thread it had the UV's of a cylinder done to show that when making the LOD the UV was still in the same place and as for the fasteners i have seen it where the metal top and the glass screw in to one another and that goes for the glass and the the rest of it. i have also seen it where all the fasteners were behind the glass and the top screws off. now both styles i have not seen many of as i hardly travel. Also this is doom not RL and if going by the TF2 standard mean RL then there would be no fasteners at all but i do see the need for them and i can say that i am too inexperienced to add them. side not i will not be texturing this as my skills in that regard are slim to none.
  • My link is about low-poly models and their LOD's.
    If you treat your model as a "high-poly" you never use it in game engine, so you don't need to care about uv's. Highpoly model used only for baking maps to a low-poly models, there indeed need to care about proper uv-mapping.
    Your model is not highpoly enough for baking.

    @KuriKai Sorry for a harsh words above, I'm almost forgot what for most of the people here it's just a hobby. Do whatever you think is right :)
  • thanks for the help veirdo i see things i can improve upon. yes i am using blender and i see ways to improve the 2 domes but i will need to figure out the 6 cylinders in blender. i am still new to this.
  • For fasteners, all you need is a flattened dome alligned to the surface. Detail helps sell the item, no matter what game you are making for.
  • i have ideas but been doing other stuff so have had no time to work on it.
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