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Playing My Old Wads

edited 2014 Oct 28 in DOOM
Hi All

I have been playing doom for 20 years and love the new look! Kudos on making an awesome game even more awesome! Question: I have a large wad (32 levels) file I am trying to load in Snowberry and I just can't place a check mark in front of it. Do you know how I could remedy this?



  • Maybe its a mod for a different game? (Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 use different schemes for identifying maps, which I recall Snowberry uses to try to determine whether or not a mod is suitable for that game).
  • Hi DaniJ

    Doom2. All the other Doom2 wads work but this one. Strange. I am dying to see this was in Doomsday!
  • Have you tried loading it after starting the game? In Snowberry, select Doom 2 and start the game. Once you've reached the title screen, open the taskbar and in the console enter load "c:\path\to\my wads\<mod name>" (the quotes around the path are necessary only if it contains spaces). (The wiki has more information about using the Ring Zero CLI).

    After the mod has loaded, try starting a new game. If that works then clearly this is a Snowberry specific issue you are having.
  • I will give it a try when I get home later.

  • DaniJ wrote:
    Maybe its a mod for a different game? (Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 use different schemes for identifying maps, which I recall Snowberry uses to try to determine whether or not a mod is suitable for that game).
    Snowberry will not actually display mods at all in the add-ons list, if it believes they aren't for the selected game. Though as long as any element of the mod can work in the currently selected game, it will allow the mod to appear in the list.

    Obviously, this checking is also far from full proof, simply because some games share things; Doom1 and Heretic use the same map lump names for instance.

    The titles of box based add-ons will uniquely appear in all games lists, but their individual component's aren't selectable if Snowberry thinks they aren't for the selected game.

    If the OP is seeing the mod in the list for the right game, but is unable to click it, it might be another issue.
  • It loads from the command line but there are some special tricks that aren't working. For instance there is a count down for different monster "waves" Its not working?
  • Can you post a link to the mod in question? It sounds like it might be using some port specific feature that is not currently supported.
  • That wad says part 5, Is there more to it? NM, I downloaded it and put into my snowberry addons folder. I then fired up Doomsday, selected Doom2 and selected your wad in addons with no problem. It fired right up and I started the game and am in the first room but had to quit right away as I have some things to attend to. Will try it out again maybe tomorrow when I have time. first room sort of has a Hacx look to it. I didn't select any other addons so don't know if it plays nice with them but it does seem to work.
  • blickfang wrote:
    That is a pwad meant to be used with the ZDoom source port. Doomsday doesn't support the ZDoom modding features the wad uses.
  • Hi

    Nope, thats just the name of the file

    I typically play this wad in ZDaemon. If you go up to level 11 I think, there are 4 large podiums and there are holes in the ground. On the podiums there are cyber demons and once you start shooting at them, cacodemons rise up out of the holes. Also, when you finish killing all the monsters, you are prompted that the next wave is starting. I did not see those things with Doomsday..
  • Sorry I did not see Vermil's response. That would explain why my 20 year old wads work and some of the Zdaemon wads do not. Thanks guys.

    So where are some nice maps to down load for Doomsday? :))
  • This mod uses the Hexen ACS scripting system in Doom to create a variety of new game mechanics including the wave countdown timer you mentioned. Doomsday does not yet support ACS in games other than Hexen. You won't be able to play this mod in Doomsday, as intended, until at least ACS support is implemented. (There may be other requirements, I haven't looked into this too deeply).

    Perhaps Snowberry is seeing the ACS data and interpreting that to mean the mod is not compatible with Doom. In the future we plan to drop Snowberry for managing add-ons.
  • Thanks guys for the timely responses. Perhaps I shall revisit doombuilder and create my own wads.
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