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Lots of Questions/Suggestions to Improve Doomsday Engine

edited 2014 Aug 14 in General
So after nearly a year of Playing Doomsday engine ,i think it's time for some Questions/Suggestions,i have Lots of Questions about Doomsday engine :
1 - What gametypes are Available for Multiplayer mode,i think there's Only Coop/Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch and that's not enough,it'll be good if there are more gametypes like Duel/Survival
2 - Does Doomsday Engine Support Risen3D Mods ?,so i can Start a Server with one of Knowen Risen3D Mods
This is all i want to know,and these are the only gametypes i wish to see for Multiplayer mode,will they be available for next Version ?


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