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Windows 7 Building

edited 2014 Mar 26 in Developers
Hello. I'm new to the engine and would like to say thank you all for creating such an amazing resource.

That being said, I'm interested in creating a standalone title using the Doomsday Engine. I'm developing on Windows 7.

I've read the wiki and the forums, and am currently unable to build from source. I'm using version "stable-1.13". My Qt setup is currently, Creator 2.7.2, QT 5.1.0 (I can definitely update my QT to 5.2 and creator to 3.0.1, but I wanted to check if that was an issue first). My kit is using MSVC2012 OpenGL 64bit. My QT has worked fine for other projects I've had.

I'm specifically getting build errors about "ZipArchive" unresolved external symbols. I didn't see the wiki page on required sdks mention any zip stuff (which is why I think it may be an issue with my QT version).

Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?

Thank you for reading.


  • they have not advanced that far in the qt build system. i think they are using i think 2.4.9 for mac and 2.5.2 for windows i am not sure. search the dev form area and the tech support area it will tell you more. the Deng team can also tell you more. but i think they have had problems building on the newest qt so they go with what works.
  • I'm specifically getting build errors about "ZipArchive" unresolved external symbols.
    Could you paste some of these errors here?

    In general, I have checked that Doomsday is buildable with Qt 5, although some minor (mostly OS X related) issues remain with it. We are using Qt 4.8 (and Qt 4.7 on some older platforms) in the packages we distribute.
  • Thanks for the responses!

    Here are the errors:
    ziparchive.obj:-1: error: LNK2019: unresolved external symbol deflate referenced in function "public: virtual void __cdecl de::ZipArchive::operator>>(class de::Writer &)const " (??5ZipArchive@de@@UEBAXAEAVWriter@1@@Z)

    That goes on several times before this one:
    release\deng2.dll:-1: error: LNK1120: 7 unresolved externals
  • On Windows, deflate should be available from the zlib in "doomsday/external/zlib/win32/" (build settings in dep_zlib.pri).

    However, we only support 32-bit Windows builds. First check that the build is indeed done in 32 bits?
  • Yes I was using a 64bit QT compiler.

    Thank you for your comment, as after switching to the 32bit compiler I no longer get errors about the "ZipArchive".

    I'm currently getting errors about "GL/glext.h" not being found, but I believe I'm familiar with these and should be ok after setting up the requirements noted on the wiki page.

    I'll post here again if I run into any issues I'm not sure about.

    Again, thank you for your help.
  • Hello again.

    I'm currently away from my machine but I'm browsing the git and I have a question.

    To build with FMOD instead of OpenAL, I can go to the config_win32.pri and change:
    # Also build the OpenAL plugin.
    CONFIG += deng_openal

    # Instead, build the FMOD plugin.
    CONFIG += deng_fmod

    Is that correct?
  • You shouldn't change the config_*.pri files other than config_user.pri. We've reserved that for user-specific settings; the other .pri files may change with new versions and it might be a hassle for you to reapply your changes to them.

    You can put that "CONFIG += deng_fmod" to config_user.pri.
  • You are completely right. I made my adjustments to the "config_user.pri" and things compiled just fine.

    I've created a record of my steps to go from downloaded to compiled and running. It's not very clean or well presented at the moment but it does work for me. LINK:

    Thank you all for the great help.
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