Trouble with JHeretic resource pack and weapons



  • Hi DavidInvenio

    Here is my latest pack: ... sp=sharing

    You can compare "byte to byte" or "text to text" with previous version of my pack to see all differences. The main changes which I remember are next:

    1)fixed gargoyle fireball (now yellow instead of red)
    2)added different versions of HUD models to handle dirrefent FOV values (will add FOV160 models later). As I understand, this is unnecessary for 2.x, but currently I want to play on 1.15.x, so forced to add those changes
    3) added separate texture packs, so you can select different versions of specific textures
    4) added new version of vial and flask (so you can select models with flat_bubbles or particle_bubbles)
    5) added different versions of UI textures (both static and rotating ones)

    Please note, when I say "different versions", i mean that you should not select them both. You should choose only one of them. In future I plan to make a single BOX/PK3 file (like xarp for hexen for example) where all of these will be handled automatically (for example it will not be possible to select flat vial and particle vial at the same time). Also, when 2.x version will have stable releases and when I will come to 2.x, I will add screenshots of all versions of my sub-packs (for example if you want to select 2 different vials or 2 different door textures, you can see screenshots of them during selection - this will be possible in future 2.x releases, as skyjake said)

    Also, current jhrp (and also my pack) has next bug: fire particle on all statues (for example fire brazier statue) can disappear because a lot of instances are generated.

    For example try to see this video ... FMv&t=9727 on 2:42:07 (statue should have fire but there is no fire on video)

    Skyjake and veirdo said that this is because bugs in jhrp (in fire particle generators of jhrp). So in future I will try to handle this (I am not sure how, but at least I'll try).

    Another bug in my pack (not sure about jhrp) - incorrect powered firemace projectile handling. The reason is next: firemace projectile model has only half of sphere, so correct handling of such model should contain rotation to player like sprites (both horizontal and vertical). And current version of projectiles are not rotated in some cases (I dont know why, because same packs worked fine in 1.8.6 before). So I'll try to investigate this

    Also I'll try to avoid all errors, which doomsday displays in doomsday.out but I'm not sure I have enough knowledge to avoid them all
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    WOW!!! Mate you are way more knowledgeable and MUCH further advanced than I!!!
    Perhaps I should just turn my focus to helping you (as best I am able!) and we can work together to make a pack that works for both DE1 and DE2! It certainly seems to me that you are FAR more advanced with this stuff than I am, but I will try to get up to speed as quick as I can! LOL

    Question - I watched your youtube video and it doesn't look like you are using the md2 models from jHRP for monsters. For example using the standard registered wad the gargoyles don't seem to be the md2 models I am used to. Am I mistaken?

    THANK YOU for your reply and for sharing your insight and knowledge!
    Cheers mate!
  • As a ps: yes I have read that DE2 will allow the user to select from various versions of items, which is great I think! So if your intent is to evolve to DE2, as you said, then I cannot see a reason for me to duplicate efforts!

    If you are agreeable, I would like to just join you in your efforts!
    But I will add that I am VERY new to modding DE and while I am proficient in Photoshop I know next to nothing about 3D models! However, I am a quick study! :-)

    My goal today is just to find newer enhanced graphics/models, and of course, to eliminate any errors from the original jHRP!

    Cheers mate!
  • DavidInvenio,

    1) Yes, my pack contain models only for specific actors (for example, only next monsters have md2 versions: undead warrior, sabreclaw, weredragon, iron lich, dsparil (both) and chicken). Most of projectiles, ammo and some of HUD are sprite versions too

    2) Before I move to DE2, a lot of things should happen, so you should not worry about duplicating efforts, because my moving to DE2 will not be so quick
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