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Icarus WAD file

edited 2012 Sep 18 in DOOM
Hey guys I recently launched Icarus.wad on Doomsday 612 but there are some textures missing and they look like green shit instead of switches for example. Is there any possibility to fix that?


  • Can you give any specific example (i.e a specific area on a specific map)?
  • It occurs at the very beginning (first, second map even).
  • A browse around Map01 using build 616 doesn't seem to show any texture rendering errors? Certinally, Dday 1.9 doesn't yet support the rendering hack used to make the forcefields transparrent.

    Can you produce a screenshot?
  • I'm also having problem with wolfen doom wads, toten haus to be exact. I put deh and wad file into newest release (616) and it doesn't start even without deh file :/
  • Well, what you've got there is hi-res texture being used, even though the original Iwad texture has been replaced by a custom one by Icarus.

    Doomsday automatically disables hi-res textures for original Iwad textures, when it detects a pwad is being loaded that replaces it with a custom one.

    It seems to be failing for you for some reason though. I encountered this issue with a build not that long ago, but it disapeared when I upgraded.

    The reason the hi-res texture is stretched is because the dimensions of the custom texture is of different dimensions to the original Iwad texture.
  • Ok I understand that any idea how to fix it? And what about wolfen doom levels? I tried with different wads from this wolfen doom package and i cannot launch any of them :/ They though work with ZDoom but on wadstation they say that they're not engine specific so i don't know why they don't work with Doomsday.
  • Please post a link to where we can download this Toten Haus add-on for debug. If it is indeed a vanilla DOOM map then Doomsday should be able to play it just fine.

    Regarding Totenhaus, I have identified two issues with it;

    One the dehacked encoding confuses Dday (and also some other ports), causing it to only read the first 7 lines.
    Secondly, some, though not all, of the 'blank sprites' in the wad cause Dday to crash when it tries to display them.
  • I took my version from here: and as I mentioned it's not only Toten Haus but other wolfen doom wads as well.
  • The issue with the sprites present in the WolfenDoom mods (and others) is that they use a particularly nasty method of "hiding" them. Rather than include valid, empty Patch-format images this mod instead includes a chunk of junk data.

    I'm presently in the process of addressing this issue for the next release candidate.

    After that I'll then look into the encoding issue with the DeHackEd patch. Similarly to the sprites, this mod uses a hybrid, non-standard encoding for the patch file, which is most likely a result of a Mac text editor being used to partially author it.
  • So maybe it's because they use mac version characters in these wads not the pc wolfenstein ones and that makes the problems.
  • Both the invalid sprite Patch handling error and the DeHackEd patch compatibility issues with Toten Haus have now been addressed. I'm presently looking at tying up a few more lose ends with the support for this mod but it should be playable in the next release.

    I'll look into the problem with high res texture replacement suppression in Icarus shortly.
  • I've had that issue for a long time when using the hi-res pack with custom wads. Some of the hi-res textures replace custom textures when they shouldn't. The only way I got around this is to have the flats and textures subfolders under my data/jdoom/ folder and if I play a wad and I see distortion in a texture because a hi-res texture is covering up a fan-made texture and is stretched, I go in and cut that texture out and then paste it in a parent folder. That way I can continue using the hi-res textures in the custom wad to replace the original Doom and Doom 2 textures that the wad uses. This has always been an issue ever since I can remember. I found a way around it though.

    The down side is that each wad uses the textures differently. So I may have to cut and paste back all the textures I moved and then cut out different hi-res textures for different wads. Or I could make a copy of the texture folder for each wad so each folder has different combinations of hi-res textures corrosponding to the wads it is best suited for, which allows me to use hi-res in place of all the original Doom textures being used in the wad while at the same time seeing the custom fan-made textures without the being covered up. Too bad these custom fan-made textures never received a hi-res upgrade themselves though. Many fan-made low-res textures are used in Eternal, for example, instead of someone making them hi-res.

    I didn't know jdoom had a feature that I wished existed (and mentioned long ago) that makes it so I can select a hi-res texture pack in addon selectable format in the launcher, and that it would automatically disable a particular hi-res texture that attempts to cover up a fan-made texture that should be displayed instead. Ths would save a lot of trouble.
  • Automatic high resolution replacement suppression is a relatively new feature, so its understandable that you are unaware of it. Previously there was only an "all or nothing" global option.
  • Does the hi-res texture pack have to be in the addons and selected in the launcher for this to work instead of my current set up that I mentioned above? AFAIK, I still have to cut out a hi-res texture if it conflicts with a custom texture in order for the custom one to appear.
  • No it shouldn't matter at all how you are loading your textures. Just ensure that you've not enabled any global options which would override this default behavior, such as "Allow external with PWADs" in the frontend.
  • Well, the problem still exists when I just tried it with the latest build. The custom textures don't override a hi-res texture, even with "Allow external with PWADs" disabled and when selecting the hi-res pack from the launcher, so I will go back to using the flats and textures under the subfolder and cutting out the hi-res textures that interfere with the and fan-made textures.

    Edit: Damn, one thing I notice is that if I use the texture pack in the launcher, then the monsters blood has a nicer effect byt appearing thicker on the ground when shot. So this means I might have to put up with the texture distortion in custom wads if I want to see the thicker blood effects.
  • In that case I don't know what you are doing differently because the hires texture suppression was working just fine for me, the last time I tried it. Also, I've no idea what you mean about the blood effects.
  • Maybe I can take screenshots of my settings and also the blood effects differences. What is the easiest and quickest way to take screen in game and post them here? Also, a quicker way than Alt+PrtScn and pasting it in Paint. Maybe I needed to delete the config files for the hi-res bug not to carry over to a new build. Certain bugs have a habit of not going away with a newer build unless the config folder or frontend is deleted an recreated, I have noticed.
  • I keep encountering the problem even when I disabled all addons except for the hi-res pack and kept the current wad checked. even after a complete install and emtying the jdoom folder of all folders I put in there. No matter what I did, it continues. I am playing the Memento Mori wad and a good example of seeing the wrong texture being used is at the beginning of map 4. I attached a screen to this post after modifying it into a smaller jpeg and shrinking it to cut down on kbs.
  • As for the blood effect. The first link below is the way the blood appears if I have the hi-res pack deselected in the launcher and have the flats and textures subfolders under data/jdoom. ... &sc=photos

    The 2nd link shows the blood effect if I don't have those subfolders under data/jdoom and instead I have the hi-res pack selected. ... &sc=photos
  • We can't see the skydrive images; they require an account.

    I can confirm that supression algorithim for hi-res textures and flats appears to be almost completely broken in the current builds; as a user I also can't (yet) see any patern to the ocasional time it does decide to work vs not.
  • Do I have to make an account on an image website? I don't really want to if I don't have to. Seems that posting them on facebook won't let yo usee either. I logged out to see if it could be viewed to another person and I couldn't see it from that point of view, though anyone on facebook can see it. So I guess only facebook users can see it. Now that I think about it, it is likely most people here use facebook, so they will be able to see it? I did upload it, but then removed it thinking no one here will be able too see it. I wonder if I should put them back on facebook and link it here like I did in this post before I edited it.
  • is a good way to share images.
  • 621 revision released but still problems with wolfen wads :(
  • What issue are you having?

    It seems that both the blank sprite and deh issues have been fixed. There is still a sound issue with some WolfenDoom mods (some of the dummy sounds don't work right).
  • @scorpeus - Sadly we don't have the time to play through every mod we come across. Consequently we are largely reliant upon the user community to report any issues they find.
  • The issue is that they do not launch at all and they're not just "every mod" as you say but the most popular ones. Can't you just make something similar to ZDoom where there is no mod specific settings, they're just playable and that's it?
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