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New WAD's for Zdoom

edited 2012 Apr 19 in Off-Topic
Hello all!

I just started level editing for the first time a couple days ago, and now I'm addicted to it. I'm still a beginner, but I managed to fork out two maps for Doom 2. One is called Blood Arena and is a replacement for MAP01, and the other, Relay Station, replaces MAP07. Relay Station is meant to be a 'first level' of sorts, I don't know why I chose MAP07 for it, so just warp.

Check them out here: ... /GraveWad/

The filename is 'sample.wad'

I would love to hear feedback/critique/etc =D>


  • There’s not really a lot to critique here as these maps are so basic. But you've clearly gotten a fair grasp on triggers and sector types.

    Though, one could comment on the idea of releasing maps meant for Port X on Port Y's forum.

    That said, there is nothing but Vanilla features in these maps. A Visplane overflow in the first room of the second map and a couple of ZDoom-isms are the only reason they aren't Vanilla compatible:

    Map 1 (map01):
    Tag lift sector 26 with a tag instead of leaving it as 0. In non-ZDoom based ports, triggers with a tag of 0 do not activate the adjacent sector, but every sector on the map with a tag of 0

    Textures with holes in, such as BRNSMALC, do not render correctly on solid walls in Vanilla Doom; only in ports.

    Map 2 (map07):
    The first corridor causes an immediate Visplane overflow on map start in Vanilla Doom.

    Floor/ceiling movement in Vanilla Doom and faithful ports is blocked if there isn't enough head room for bad guys. Sector 7 has no difference between it's floor and ceiling height therefore, the Imps on it stop it from lowering.

    Textures whose heights are not 128 tall, such as SW1EXIT, do not tile completely correctly in Vanilla Doom. Ports correct this.
  • Thanks Vermil, I'll try to fix those things up sometime this weekend.

    I use Doom Builder 2 to build these maps, and I was going to use the jDoom engine so i can make it for Doomsday, but I couldn't find the jdoom.wad in my doomsday folder. I looked literally everywhere for it, but it's simply not there. The only other port I had was Zdoom so I had to use that instead :-/
  • Your maps aren't made for ZDoom; they are made for Vanilla Doom2 using Vanilla Doom2 features; you used the Doom2 config in DB I imagine. Therefore they work in any port, ZDoom-ism's aside (i.e ZDoom's basic behaviour is different to Vanilla Doom in some cases; most other ports are more faithful).

    It is the configuration you select in DB, rather than the port you use to test, that determines what ports will or won't run your maps.

    On the whole, if you want your map to work in any port (there’s always some exceptions); stick to the DB configurations named after the original game (i.e. Doom2, Heretic, Strife etc).
  • I see :-O

    Yeah I used the Doom 2 config in DB, so if I fix the things you mentioned above, my maps will work correctly with any port? I tried loading it with Doomsday but the program stops running as soon as it loads my maps. I wonder if this has to do with the node config in DB?

    Also, I just added a new map called Welcome Center, as WC.wad on my page in my GraveWad folder. If you have the time, would you wanna review that too? I know there will be probably a lot of Vanilla Doom incompatibilities in there, but that's fine, list anything you can find.
  • All three maps load fine in Doomsday for me.

    Your new map, WC, has no Vanilla Doom incompatibilities besides the issue with BRNSMALC on solid walls and tiling non 128 tall textures (linedef 8; which doesn't actually need to have any offset as you've offset it exactly the full height of the texture). Both are purely visual issues.

    One thing I will say though, that fortunately has no game breaking effects on any of your maps, is that you have unneeded tags and triggers around your maps. It's wise to clean these up in case you end up using the tag numbers later thinking you haven't already used them, potentially leading to undesired things happening in your maps.

    Using WC as an example; sectors 9, 28, 30, 36, 42 and 44 have unneeded tags. Linedefs 43, 60, 93, 95, 232 and 237 have unneeded triggers on them.

    The second map of sample has unneeded triggers on linedefs 555, 556, 590, 592, 602, 604 and 605. Unneeded sector tags on 105, 127 and 128.

    Some of these unneeded triggers are from you making some minor mistakes about how trigger lines work; you don't need to tag the sector immediately behind a trigger line for a trigger to work. You only need to tag the specific sectors you want the trigger to effect.

    Finally, I also notice that in WC and also the second map of sample, that you have tagged the exit switch to a sector; exit switches do not need tags to work.
  • Doom Builder's configs will likely have not been updated since Doomsday version 1.9.7 was released. The arguments one must specify on the command line changed in that release; check your Doom Builder configs to ensure they are passing valid arguments, something like the following:

    -game doom2 -file c:/path/to/my/map.wad
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