Ethereal Crossbow 2.0



  • That looks awesome! Nice work as always veirdo. :)
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    I think it's ready now
  • i would think so
  • will you release just this model or do you prepare a package with crossbow etc. ?
  • 0815Jack, package
  • Did I miss the release or is the download link hidden for me? :smiley:
  • @0815Jack
    I'm modeling a Pillar Door statue by special theleo_ua's request. After that I'll complete the Crossbow HUD animation and projectile effects. So the first package will include:
    Crystal Vial
    HUD Ethereal Crossbow
    Pickup Ethereal Crossbow
    Quiver of bolts
    Decor SerpentTorch
    Decor Door Pillar statue

    I think it's about 1-2 months of work.
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  • cool thx for the info :)
  • I love the scales, it looks really crisp, and you get the relief of the scales against each other. Is that just normal mapping?
  • What Decor Door Pillar statue do you mean? The one with the (green, yellow etc) orb on top?
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    0815Jack wrote: »
    The one with the (green, yellow etc) orb on top?

    yes, the one from my current avatar
  • I can't stop looking at these. Marvelous work.
  • This stuff looks awesome, Heretic has been a game I have played religiously since the mid 90s. I am currently a video game design student going in to my second year. I guess what I am asking is can I help? I have a good understand of 3dsmax, mudbox, Quixel and the posses involved. But my strongest area is texturing and digital painting.
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    Hey @Crafty123, great artwork on Artstation! If you REALLY want to help, then I'll appreciate if you make a detailed overpaints for original sprites for items/decorations. So I'm asking for a design in general :)
    To add details to my models I'm spending time searching for the references and/or doing sketches.
    Instead of that I would use your designs for models/effects.
    Some rules I'm using for a new designs:
    1). Keep the same "values" in terms of color, design elements as originals
    2). Keep the same silhouette as original.

    To test it I'm resizing down a new design to size of the original sprite and compare. If there not much difference, then it's good to go.

    I saw an interesting ancient book in your artwork. How could you redesign the Heretic's Tome of Power?
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    Something, I was lacking since I started to work on Doomsday engine, now available through custom shaders. I always wanted to glowing coronas of light sources not to penetrate with the model, and now it's possible!
  • some WIP pictures of the Decor Door Pillar statue would be nice :)
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    I'm working on a shaders right now, so there is nothing fancy yet.
  • How are you porting your Maya shaders to Dengine?
  • I'm using Maya ShaderFX tool only for prototyping. Although I can export shading network to HLSL and GLSL, the generated code is very "dirty". Also Doomsday's GLSL shaders use unique set of input parameters and wrapped atlases for textures.
    So I just analyzed how Doomsday's shaders built and tried to follow the same rules, modifying and cleaning up prototype using Notepad++. After @skyjake returned from vacations, he prepared a document about shader variables.
    Now writing shaders much easier. :)
  • any news? B)
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    patience is a virtue not push ups... veirdo take your time to do as necesary.
  • Hi there! Starting from September I was really occupied by our project @ CD Project Red, but that doesn't mean I lost motivation for working on Doomsday models, I did really good progress with the shaders, and hopefully will be able to release some of my work till the end of the year.
  • I didn't mean to push o:) thx for the info veirdo :)
  • Any chance this could be made available now?

    I am also thinking about starting a open-source mod and this (plus the Hexen ones you made) would be very cool for a start. Would you be willing to make them available under a Creative Commons license (CC-By or CC-by-SA)? Thanks!
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