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2012 Mar 3
Last Active
2017 Nov 6


  • ericjmz

    I got a referral to you from 'veirdo', of the Hexen add-ons, for my add-ons question as pertains to Heretic
    Soon after I finish Hexen,I will be replaying Heretic

    I write because when I planned my Hexen addons,although there were 4 on the add-ons site, veirdo showed me how I only needed one of them, as it incorporated the other 3 add-ons in its 'package'
    THAT'S why I write to you for Heretic Add-ons specifically
    The last thing I want to do is use conflicting addons,one updated,one not, let alone repetitive addons

    So it boils down to this single question:
    For the MOST UPDATED/Best Heretic add-ons for Doomsday, (textures,models,what have you)what packs and/or music give me 'all-the-best', without conflicting with other packs or textures?
    I thank you
    Eric Margolis, MD (ericjmz)

    2017 Sep 10
    • theleo_ua

      1) "HERETIC__FX+PARTICLES+COMMON+SHARED___GLOBAL.PK3" is required for each "HERETIC__MODELS__..." package

      2) Most of my packages contain several variations of the same object, for example 2 versions of I-GAUNTLETS - so you should select only one package in this case (to avoid conflicts)

      3) My packages for heretic are still not tested with doomsday 2.x (last version I played with them was 1.15.8)

      4) There are a lot of models I removed from my package (I prefer sprites instead of them) so if you want to play with those models, you can take them from addons from doomsday addon page
      2017 Sep 11
    • theleo_ua
      Forgot to say:

      5) TEXTURES____GLOBAL.PK3 is required for all TEXTURE packages

      6) One of the TEXTURES___EXTRA package is required for all TEXTURE packages, so you should use only one: HERETIC__TEXTURES___EXTRA___HD.PK3 or HERETIC__TEXTURES___EXTRA__AUTHENTIC.PK3

      7) Other texture packages use the same rule as mentioned above in item 2: they have several variations of the same object, for example 3 versions of GLASS__WALL_TEXTURES - so you should select only one package in this case (to avoid conflicts)
      2017 Sep 11